Senior Unity

We salute all seniors across the state of North Carolina for the work they do. There are so many good reasons to join our efforts to “United for Good Government” Spreading hope in America Seniors does just that…

Seniors worked tireless to electing democrats who will use common sense solution to solving problems, supporting bills that affect every family. Children, teens, young, adults, seniors, disabled. and especially military men and women.

We are convinced together, as democrats joining in a unified effort, we can win elections like we did in 2008. We can bring change to America that will last and benefit all the worlds. We continue to build our grassroots coalitions with volunteers who are dedicated and willing to give a little time. The more we energize and support each other, the wider the margin of victory will be for all of our Democratic candidates.

We are proud of the history made in 2008 The First African American President, Barack H. Obama.

President Obama says The biggest challenges are still ahead, and meeting them will require all of us working together. That’s why the President is depending on Organizing for America and people just like you to overcome the critics and the naysayers and to bring lasting change to America. So stay tuned for more ways to get involved — this is only the beginning.