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Call to North Carolina Senior Democrats 2016 Convention



Dear NC Senior Democrats,

The North Carolina Senior Democrats 2016 Convention is in Raleigh this year, on April 29-30, 2016 at the Crabtree Marriott.  Our convention provides opportunities (1) to greet longtime friends and fellow Democrats, (2) to learn about the political situation in a presidential election year in NC and the country, and (3) to express your opinions on those things that bother us all and to hear others.  We also get a chance to remember our close friends and colleagues together.

There will be several activities on Friday afternoon including a Technical Forum on phones and computers, an opportunity to explore Raleigh via a Trolley Ride and a hospitality room for your gathering and relaxation.   Saturday, we will hear from Dr. Gene Nichol, who gives an old time stump speech on the evils of Republicans.  We hope you come early on Friday and enjoy these planned events.

Wake County Senior Democrats are the Convention hosts this year and they are working hard to prepare everything.  Our theme is to celebrate our accomplishments this year, such as addition of many new chapters and opportunities to serve North Carolina in the coming election and year.  We hope you are fired up to return home and take the flames with you.

Please register NOW, right now, for the convention and the activities surrounding it.  It is located at 4500 Marriott Dr. across from Crabtree Mall in Raleigh.  Come early and plan to spend Friday night.  The first 20 to register get an additional discount on the already discounted rooms.  You might want to attend the FREE classes on multi-media things, like Facebook, the website, uses for I-Pad and other things.  You might want to tour the older section of Raleigh on a trolley car!  Then there is a banquet on Friday evening and entertainment to boot!  Saturday features a breakfast with candidates and elected officials for you to hang out with.  Finally, the convention itself with Gene Nichol and Wayne Goodwin speaking to you starts at 9:30 sharp!   There will be lots of surprises, too, not to mention the political talk.

I look forward to spending time with you in the Hospitality Room and at events.    Please ask all your members and friends to come and spend the weekend with us.  We will have a good time.

Matilda Phillips
North Carolina Senior Democrats