NCDP Frontline News Report — May 13, 2016

Our latest edition of the NCDP Frontline News Report features the biggest story from the last two weeks: Donald Trump is now the GOP’s presumptive nominee for president. We got a couple of good TV placements on Trump, and we continue to hit McCrory on the devastating economic impacts of HB2.

We also hosted a press conference earlier this week to highlight our public records request to determine if Gov. McCrory’s trips to Washington to appear on national news programs were paid for by the taxpayers. The presser was very well attended and generated coverage in every major outlet in the Raleigh area. Spoiler alert: McCrory’s travel for his campaign-style media appearances were indeed paid for by the people of North Carolina.

Take a look below for all of our news coverage.

Dave Miranda
Communications Director
North Carolina Democratic Party

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WRAL-NBC Raleigh

Helms alumni to host event at governor’s mansion

by Mark Binker

"Governor McCrory is under fire nationally for dragging North Carolina back in time and passing one of the most sweeping discrimination laws in the country," said Kimberly Reynolds, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Democratic Party. "So, it should be no surprise that he’s opening the Governor’s Mansion to raise money for the Jesse Helms Center, named for one of the most anti-civil rights and anti-LGBT politicians in North Carolina history. The governor has claimed that HB2 isn’t about discrimination, but it’s clear by the company he keeps what his real agenda is."


Wilmington Star News

Ready for a battle in November

by Tim Buckland

"I think this year will be an opportunity to elect a Democratic president," she said. And North Carolina "is going to play a critical to do that."



Richard Burr is #NeverHillary, Will Support Donald Trump

by Paul Blest

The North Carolina Democratic Party, obviously, came out this morning and attacked Burr for his endorsement. “He doesn’t say, but it would be great to know exactly what part of Trump’s candidacy—the woman-hating, the race-baiting, or his history as a con man—which of those things does Burr support?" said NCDP spokesman Dave Miranda.

WRAL-NBC Raleigh

NC party leaders agree Trump will energize voters

by Laura Leslie

"We’ve seen him over the course of this debate divide the country, insulting the disabled, African-Americans, Latinos, women repeatedly – any group, name it," Miranda said. "Trump has divided us as a country, and that’s not what we need. We need someone who can bring us together."

WGHP-Fox Greensboro

"I think you’re going to start to see the GOP begin to try to rehabilitate his image. They’re going to start to say things like ‘That was primary season; this is general election season,’ and I hope we can all remember that Donald Trump’s image is not capable of being rehabilitated. You cannot rehabilitate a misogynist, a racist, someone with Donald Trump’s history of the things he has said."

News & Observer

North Carolina GOP convention follows dismissal of chairman

by Gary Robertson, Associated Press

"He’s gone after and insulted group after group," North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Dave Miranda said. "There is a lot of division now within the GOP, and Trump sort of exemplifies that."


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WTVD-ABC Raleigh

Democrats fume over McCrory’s travel bill to defend HB2

by Elaina Athens

"We should not be adding this kind of money, this kind of travel expense," said Keever. "Apparently he was up there campaigning, when he ought to be working with the Department of Justice to find a solution."

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News & Observer

State pays for McCrory’s travel to House Bill 2 TV appearances, Democrats cry foul

by Colin Campbell

“While HB2 threatens billions in education funding for our state, Gov. McCrory chose to fly to Washington and appear on talk news shows instead of working with the Department of Justice to find a solution,” party chairwoman Patsy Keever said at a news conference in front of the Legislative Building. “It’s clear that Gov. McCrory intends to play political games instead of cleaning up this mess, but taxpayers should not have to pick up the tab. It’s time for Gov. McCrory to show who’s paying for his campaign tour.”


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Report: McCrory Administration Breaks State Law

by Paul Blest

North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Dave Miranda added in the press release that circulated the video that "Governor McCrory isn’t even following the law that he’s risking our entire economy over."