NCDP Frontline News Report — August 4, 2016



Asheville-Citizen Times

Locals heading to Philadelphia for Democratic Convention

By John Boyle

"We very much appreciate what Bernie Sanders has done for our party, especially among the younger voters and people from Asheville and the more liberal parts of our state. But I fully expect the vast majority of people, and certainly the ones coming to Philadelphia, to unite behind the party, because it’s imperative we elect Hillary and not Trump.’" – Patsy Keever, NCDP chairwoman.

Charlotte Observer

N.C. delegation sitting pretty in Democratic convention hall, but have long ride back to hotel

By Tim Funk

"I love it," said NC Democratic Party chair Patsy Keever. "We can see everything."

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News & Observer

NC delegates for Clinton, Sanders applaud DNC chair’s resignation, but remain divided

By Tim Funk and Colin Campbell

N.C. Democratic Party Chairwoman Patsy Keever said she’s hopeful the change in leadership will bring the party together. "I think she took one for the party," Keever said. "…. Most everybody in our delegation is ready to come on board and have a united party."


WNCN clip aired on 07/25 featuring NCDP’s comments on party unity at the DNC

USA Today

Hillary’s convention opens with Pro-Sanders protests

By John Bacon and Richard Wolf

"They’ve got a little bit of stuff they need to get out of them, and then they’ll be ready to get on board," said Patsy Keever, who chairs North Carolina’s Democratic party.


NC delegates excited, ready for 2016 DNC in Philadelphia

By Beau Minnick

"Everybody here really wants to have a Democratic president. We know that Hillary is going to be the candidate and that’s fine. But we also know that the Bernie people bring great enthusiasm and great ideas and they’ve already had a lot of influence on the platform and the rules," Patsy Keever said.


Sanders speaks on first night of DNC as delegates talk about unity

By Beau Minnick

"They want Bernie to know they love them and that’s great. Bernie, we love Bernie, too. We love our Bernie people. But, you know, we’re all going to unite for Hillary," said Patsy Keever, NC Democratic Party Chair.


TWC News

TWC 14 clip featuring NC’s vote during the DNC roll call


WNCN clip aired on 07/27 featuring NC’s vote during the DNC roll call and comments from the NCDP chairwoman Patsy Keever about party unity and President Obama


NC delegates says ‘Everybody loves Barack,’ anticipates DNC speech

By Beau Minnick

"Everybody loves Barack," Patsy Keever, North Carolina Democratic Party chair said. Keever said she believes the president will excite an already energized crowd at the convention.


The Duke Chronicle

Day 3 of Democratic National Convention features President Obama, first appearance of Clinton

By Likhitha Butchireddygari

"You can just look at the floor and you can see the difference [between the Democratic convention and the Republican convention] in just the diversity in the group," said Patsy Keever, Trinity ’69 and chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party.


North Carolina Democrats Bring Out The Heavy Hitters for Kaine

By Paul Blest

Other prominent Democrats speaking in support of Kaine include Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Congressman David Price, and Congresswoman Alma Adams, as well as party chair Patsy Keever and former state treasurer Richard Moore.

News & Observer

House Bill 2’s a hot topic at Democratic convention — and there’s an ‘all-gender’ bathroom

By Colin Campbell

Wendy May, who’s one of two transgender delegates from North Carolina, said she’s visited the bathroom and views it as a ‘unity’ bathroom.

News & Observer

Tim Kaine VP pick draws praise, some criticism from NC Democrats

By Colin Campbell

N.C. Democratic Party Chairwoman Patsy Keever said he’s a "bold progressive."

USA Today

Young NC Democrats united by ideals, optimism

By Caroline Kenny

John Easterling, 19 and a sophomore at UNC Greensboro, said he was inspired to enter politics by then-Sen. Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Easterling serves on the national board of College Democrats of America and the state board of North Carolina Young Democrats.


The Duke Chronicle

Hillary Clinton headlines Democratic National Convention in final day

By Likhitha Butchireddygari

Jake Quinn [NC super delegate] noted that the North Carolina Democratic Party’s ability to unify was also in part due to chair Patsy Keever, Trinity ’69, who did not "favor one faction over another."

TWC 14

TWC clip aired on 07/29 about the DNC watch party at the NCDP headquarters


Hillary Clinton to officially accept nomination at Democratic Convention Thursday

By Beau Minnick

North Carolina Democratic Party communications director Dave Miranda said, "There’s a lot of excitement in the North Carolina delegation for Secretary Clinton to accept the nomination for President."

USA Today

NC delegates eager to bring convention’s message back home

By Caroline Kenny

"Trump was fueled largely by access to earned media during the primary," Miranda said. "That hard work of calling individuals donors and asking for their support financially and building up the infrastructure — hiring the people that know who to hire and how to build a campaign — it doesn’t happen overnight.’"


Why this black Bernie Sanders delegate says he doesn’t have the luxury of going “Bernie or Bust”

By Jeff Stein

“If Donald Trump wins, he’s more likely to appoint judges who oppose Black Lives Matter and criminal justice reform, and who think that police officers – who can kill black people without being charged – already don’t have enough power. That means if my kids get shot, the officers who did it become less likely to be charged. This isn’t theory for us, it’s reality."


Asheville-Citizen Times

NC GOP flag tweet speaks tempest in a Twitter account

By Mark Barrett

In a statement, state Democratic party spokesman Dave Miranda called the incident ‘a perfect illustration of Donald Trump’s Republican Party: dangerously uninformed and only interested in tearing down their fellow Americans."

The News & Observer

NC GOP chief apologizes for mistaken criticism of Tim Kaine

By Maggie Ybarra

"They’re just looking for everything they can to try to make us look bad." It’s not working, Patsy Keever added.

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NCGOP calls Tim Kaine’s military service pin "shameful," deletes tweet

By WBTV Web Staff

"This is a perfect illustration of Donald Trump’s Republican Party: dangerously uninformed and only interested in tearing down their fellow Americans. Last night, the North Carolina Republican Party disgraced themselves and once again embarrassed North Carolina – the most military-friendly state in the nation," Miranda said.

WTVD-ABC Raleigh

Whoops! NC Republicans ‘shame’ Tim Kaine for flag pin honoring son in the military

By Angelica Alvarez

"Last night, the North Carolina Republican Party disgraced themselves and once again embarrassed North Carolina — the most military-friendly state in the nation," said North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Dave Miranda.


Charlotte Observer

In Charlotte in ’92, Hillary Clinton said she hadn’t imagined running for office. Now, she’s about to make history

By Tim Funk

“She’s been a target for a long time and she and her campaign need to concentrate on the positive,” said N.C. Democratic Party Chair Patsy Keever, who is scheduled to represent North Carolina during the roll call vote of the states. “People need to know of all the good things she’s done over the years. … Like what she’d done for children. People relate to that.”

WBTV Charlotte

WBTV clip aired on 07/25 about Clinton’s two private campaign stops, one of which was hosted by the NC Democratic Party


Charlotte Observer

How bad is the leaked emails uproar? Here are five quotes from DNC delegates

"Jake Quinn, a Sanders supporter from Asheville and member of Democratic National Committee, gave N.C. Democratic Party Chair Patsy Keever a big hug at the podium after she called for a round of applause for the Sanders’ delegates and all of the energy they’ve brought to the party."

Charlotte Observer

NC GOP says leaked emails show Democrats ‘celebrated’ losses over HB2

By Siddharth Vodnala

"The job losses and economic damage from HB2 are the responsibility of the GOP led legislature and the Republican governor who signed this bill," Miranda said. "Now the GOP is turning around and pretending that Democrats are somehow responsible."

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Charlotte Observer

NC Sanders delegates on DNC emails: Disappointed, but not surprised

By Tim Funk

Quinn contrasted the pro-Clinton tilt of the DNC officials with the even-handed approach of N.C. Democratic Party Chair Patsy Keever, who supports Clinton but has been viewed as fair. At the N.C. delegation’s Monday morning breakfast, Keever asked for applause for the Sanders delegates, who represent a minority since Clinton won the N.C. Democratic party.

Time Warner Cable News

Republicans, Democrats at Odds Over Leaked HB2 Emails

By Andrew Sorensen

"No, of course they’re not talking about the actual losses being great," he said, "What they’re saying is this is great work highlighting the damage HB2 is doing to the state of North Carolina."


Leaked DNC Emails Criticize Governor, HB2

By Morgan Hightower

"Of course, no one at the DNC, no one at the NCDP, no one is rooting for failure, that is absolutely a ridiculous assertion," explained Miranda.

WGHP Charlotte

WGHP clip aired on 07/26 regarding NCDP’s response to the leaked DNC emails that discussed HB2


Email leaks show Dems cheered HB2 impact, McCrory says

By Angelica Alvarez

"The Republican-led General Assembly passed their discrimination law, HB2, and Republican Governor Pat McCrory. It is the GOP’s focus on extreme partisan politics that has cost North Carolina thousands of jobs and tens of millions of dollars, and now the NBA All-Star Game and another $100 million for Charlotte and the state.


NC Political Parties debate HB2 related Wikileaks emails

By Stephanie Lopez

The North Carolina Democratic Party called the claims ‘ridiculous’, and said the GOP is responsible for any economic loss caused by HB2 by passing the law in the first place.

WNCT Greenville

Eastern Carolina Delegate: Party is united

By Zora Stephenson and Laura Weston

"It’s not to the point where we’re not unified. The party is unified." – Kennis Wilkins, NC delegate

WSOC Charlotte

Leaked DNC email calls McCrory ‘moronic little bigot of a tar heel governor’

By Paul Boyd

Dave Miranda with the state Democratic Party said officials were not celebrating. "They’re basically saying, ‘Good work, good work North Carolina Democratic Party, getting the word out there about the damage that this bill is doing," Miranda said.


Associated Press

North Carolina voter ID law is discriminatory, appeals court rules

By Associated Press

"The North Carolina Democratic party applauds this decision to restore rights to disenfranchised North Carolina voters." – NCDP statement

WTVD-ABC Raleigh

NC voter ID law struck down; McCrory vows to appeal

By WTVD staff

"It’s no surprise that the court has ruled that the Republican General Assembly is once again guilty of government overreach." -NCDP statement

WXII Greensboro

WXII clip aired on 07/29 featuring NCDP’s reaction to the voter ID law ruling



Reported by Sunlen Serfaty

CNN clip aired on 08/03 highlighting North Carolina’s importance as a battleground state

News & Observer

In a purple state, will Clinton’s coattails help or hurt candidates

By Anna Douglas

North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Dave Miranda said Clinton was running an unselfish campaign, shown by her sharing office space and resources with the state party and county-level organizers.

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News and Observer

Clinton still doesn’t have a simple message for her candidacy

By David Goldstein and Anita Kumar

"It’s important for Bernie supporters to feel they made a difference, and I think they have," said Patsy Keever, chairwoman of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

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WTVD clip aired on 08/01 about the HFA event hosted at the NCDP headquarters



By Samantha Bechtold

“‘If these antics haven’t [turned Republicans away], I’m not sure anything will,’ says Dave Miranda, communications director for the NC Democratic Party.”

WITN Greenville

By Lindsay Oliver & Ariel Plasencia

“Governor McCrory talks a big game about standing up for our veterans and military service members, but his actions don’t mirror that.” – Dave Miranda, NCDP communications director

WNCT Greenville

By Zora Stephenson

“We are once again calling on Governor McCrory to denounce Donald Trump’s hateful remarks and to categorically state that he supports our military and our military families," said Dave Miranda, Democratic Party.