NCDP Clips September 11, 2013

9/11 Twelfth Anniversary

ABC NEWS 11: 9/11 Marked By North Carolina Troops, Volunteers
A mobile museum and a series of military services are among the observances scheduled across North Carolina on Wednesday to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Raleigh’s Activate Good alliance is helping organize service projects including making pillows for breast cancer patients, painting homes with Habitat for Humanity, writing letters for the troops, and collecting food for a food pantry. Dozens of men also ran up 110 flights of stairs at the Moore Square parking deck in Raleigh early Wednesday morning to remember those who lost their lives and the lives saved on Sept. 11, 2001.

WXII 12: Series of 9/11 Remembrances Scheduled Across NC

A mobile museum and a series of military services are among the observances scheduled across North Carolina to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. The 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base has scheduled several memorial events on Wednesday, including a ceremony at the base firehouse and a 24-hour run. In Fayetteville, a 9/11 Mobile Museum is scheduled to be unveiled at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville. The museum contains artifacts donated by New York firefighters specially selected to provide a look at what happened that morning in lower Manhattan.

New York Daily News: Memory and vigilance
A dozen years have passed since that brilliant late summer morning when the devils of 9/11 murdered 2,977 people in service of the maniacal, death-loving fanaticism that still wages war on civilization. The slain must always come first in memory. Young and old, man and woman, New Yorkers, Americans, citizens of the world — they were targeted as the collective symbol of a civilization built on respect for all.
New York Post: Reflection of 9/11
A sneak peek into National Museum: Visitors can now press their faces to the reflective glass of the still-under-construction National Sept. 11 Museum, hoping to catch a glimpse of what lies inside. The horror to the city, the nation, the nearly 3,000 people who died and to their family and friends, while 12 years ago, still bubbles up from time to time — especially on days like today. At the building’s northwest corner are the two 70-foot tall “tridents” that stand as the remains of the north tower of the World Trade Center. They are defiant giant fists thrusting upwards and cursing that awful day. They need a middle finger, and from the interior museum steps, visitors will see through the windows that the new, nearly completed One World Trade Center fits that bill.


Capital Tonight: Poll: McCrory’s approval numbers continue to drop
Those surveyed overwhelmingly opposed two former McCrory campaign staffers receiving high-paying jobs at DHHS. The survey showed voters had major concerns about McCrory’s leadership in relation to this issue. “When we ask about this issue, voters are very much aware of it and they are very unhappy about it, across party lines,” Jenson said. In another indication of the governor’s rising unpopularity, McCrory trailed behind potential opponents for the first time since 2008. The survey pitted McCrory against Attorney General Roy Cooper, State Treasurer Janet Cowell, Sen. Josh Stein and former Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker.

Charlotte Observer: New ad defends McCrory’s record
The state Democratic Party questioned the very accomplishments for which McCrory took credit. The General Assembly and the governor rejected federal help for Medicaid recipients and took action that cut benefits for unemployed workers. “Gov. McCrory and his political allies must really be spooked to go up on air three years out from his election,” said Micah Beasley, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party. “The ad is a blatant distortion of the truth behind extremist policies imposed by the Republican General Assembly and rubber-stamped into law by Gov. McCrory.”

News and Observer: Tense meeting with DHHS leader Wos leads to firing of NC’s top dentist

Dr. Rebecca King’s 35-year career with the state ended last week when she was fired from her job as head of oral health at the state Department of Health and Human Services. A tense meeting with DHHS Secretary Dr. Aldona Wos and other top staff over how to implement budget cuts helped usher King to her exit. King released copies of her supervisor’s letters about her firing, along with her response. King said in an interview that she also believes her lack of cooperation in ferreting out hygienists who took vacation time to lobby legislators against cuts in oral health contributed to her getting fired. Wos did not respond to a request for an interview.

Politics NC: Hacks and Ideologues

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos just doesn’t get it. After taking heat for weeks for hiring campaign cronies with inflated salaries and offering sweetheart deals to old friends, she’s done it again. This time, she’s hired a lobbyist and political hack as the “new brand and marketing manager.” DHHS is apparently the holding tank for the McCrory re-election campaign. And while the department is acquiring lots of high-paid people with no experience, they are losing qualified people with institutional knowledge and experience running large public programs.

News and Observer: Former Dole staffer and McCrory filmmaker lands job at NC DHHS

A lobbyist and filmmaker who made an election-night video for Gov. Pat McCrory is the new brand and marketing manager at the state Department of Health and Human Services. Aaron Mullins, 38, started the job Sept. 4. He makes $68,000 a year.Mullins was a legislative aide to former U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Dole and Don Nickles of Oklahoma, who was the second-ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate from 1996-2003. Mullins worked for the lobbying firm Fetzer Stephens in 2006, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and started his own firm, Mullins Federal Relations, the following year.

ABC11: Ex-GOP Staffer Hired As DHHS Branding Director

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has hired a former Republican campaign staffer and lobbyist as the agency’s new director of brands and marketing. Aaron Mullins, 38, previously worked on the Capitol Hill staffs of then-GOP Sens. Elizabeth Dole and Don Nickles before joining Fetzer Stephens, a political consulting firm led by former North Carolina Republican Party chairman Tom Fetzer. Mullins was registered as a federal lobbyist as recently as last year, according to records. Mullins also produced a glowing biographical video on Pat McCrory that was shown as part of the future GOP governor’s 2012 election night victory celebration. Records show McCrory’s campaign paid Mullins $7,000.

Talking About Politics: Who is Paying For This?
Taxpayers are paying for big salaries and big consulting contracts at DHHS. Are they also paying for “security” so the Secretary won’t have to answer questions about what the taxpayers are paying? An indignant TAPster emailedon Sunday: “Ned Barnett’s column this morning says that Aldona Wos has ‘security personnel.’ I guess this really IS a jobs creation administration.” Barnett wrote: “At an event during which she was expected to talk about the Affordable Care Act’s effect on North Carolina, Wos said she wouldn’t discuss it and instead spoke about freedom and her father’s experiences in World War II Poland. Reporters who approached her for comment after that and other public appearances have said they were blocked by her security personnel.”


WITN: Senator Cook: "Don’t Blame Me For Vidant Pungo Closing"

Republican Senator Bill Cook, who represents District 1, including Beaufort County, was accused in a news release by Democratic party spokesman Micah Beasley of being the reason Vidant Pungo Hospital in Belhaven is closing down. Beasley says in the release, "Cook sponsored a bill rejecting Medicaid expansion in North Carolina," citing that as the reason the hospital will close.

WWAY 3: Controversial Author Named To UNC-TV Board

A Greensboro author who is a critic of same-sex marriage and has written an article calling President Barack Obama a dictator has been named to the UNC-TV Board of Trustees. The North Carolina Legislature approved Orson Scott Card’s appointment to the board in July. Card told The Associated Press that he supports public television and decided to join the UNC-TV board because it does great work for the people of North Carolina. A news release from UNC-TV mentions Card’s most famous books, "Ender’s Game" and "Speaker for the Dead." It does not mention his column earlier this year saying Obama might train urban gangs to commit violence on his enemies.

News and Observer: Science Fiction Writer Who Compared Obama With Hitler Named to UNC-TV Board

Orson Scott Card, a well-known science fiction writer known for his controversial remarks regarding President Obama, gays and the liberal news media, has been appointed to the UNC-TVBoard of Trustees. Card, a Greensboro resident who is a professor of writing and literature at Southern Virginia University, was appointed by Republican Senate leader Phil Berger to fill a two-year term. He is best known for his science fiction novels such as Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead, which have received the Hugo and Nebula Awards. But his political writing has been so controversial that it has caused groups to threaten him to boycott, particularly gay groups.


Politico: Full Speech: President Obama Addresses The Nation On Syria (VIDEO)

President Obama addressed the nation last night on the Crisis in Syria, full speech and transcript included.

NY Times: U.N. Rights Panel Cites Evidence of War Crimes By Both Sides in Syria
As the United States and Russia searched for a diplomatic solution to the crisis over Syria’s chemical weapons, a four-person United Nations rights panel presented detailed evidence on Wednesday of what it said were war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by pro-government forces and, to a lesser extent, rebels in the 30-month-old conflict. Bolstered by arms and money from regional and global powers waging a proxy war, Syria’s government and rebel forces have committed murder, torture, rape and indiscriminate attacks on civilians on a huge scale, believing they can win a military victory and without fear of future punishment, the panel, a Commission of Inquiry that was expanded last fall, said in its latest report, to be presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday.

CNN: Will Weapons Inspection Work? (VIDEO)
Inspectors may soon be deployed to find Syria’s chemical weapons. Ex-chief weapons inspector David Kay joins the panel.


Politico: North Carolina poll: Kay Hagan crushing the field

A new poll has good news for one Democrat in an increasingly red state: North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan is leading all of her potential Republican challengers by double digits. Hagan leads her closest potential challenger by 12 points, and leads by up to 17 points in each of the seven potential head-to-head match-ups surveyed by left-leaning Public Policy Polling in a poll out Tuesday.

Charlotte Observer: Cannon beats Mitchell, Peacock takes GOP nod

After their primary victories Tuesday, Democrat Patrick Cannon and Republican Edwin Peacock head into a mayoral showdown that should give Charlotte voters a clear choice – and test how dominant Democrats have become in city politics. Cannon edged fellow Democrat James Mitchell in a costly, hotly contested primary. He had 56 percent of the vote in early, unofficial returns. Gary Dunn and Lucille Puckett each had less than 3 percent. Peacock easily swept aside David Michael Rice in a Republican race that was never in doubt. He was winning 93 percent of the vote. He called his victory “a small step in a big journey.”

Politico: In Alaska, fears of a GOP Senate civil war
The GOP civil war may be coming to Alaska — and with it possibly the clearest test of whether the party can unite to win the Senate in 2014 or repeat the kind of bloodletting that proved so costly the past two elections. A three- or even four-way primary is taking shape in the must-win state for Republicans, with candidates representing every corner of the GOP ideological map aiming to unseat first-term Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

New Jersey: Poll: Booker leads Lonegan by 35 points in U.S. Senate race

Despite the two-fisted U.S. Senate campaign being waged by the conservative Republican Steve Lonegan, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark has built a crushing 35-point lead, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll released today. Booker, who hopes to fill the seat left vacant by the death of his fellow Democrat, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, has run up a 64 percent to 29 percent lead in the polls with more than a month to go until the Oct. 16 special election.

Washington Post: Cuccinelli donates $18,000 value of Star chief’s gifts
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II said he will give a Richmond-based charity more than $18,000 — the value of gifts he received from a Star Scientific executive whose much larger presents to Gov. Robert F. McDonnell and his family are the focus of two investigations. Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor, has been under pressure from critics and supporters to pay back Star chief executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr. since late July, when McDonnell (R) announced that he would return valuables and money that Williams had provided to him and his family.

The Hill: Top Democrat predicts Syria crisis off the political radar by 2014

The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee predicted Tuesday that Syria won’t be a factor in the 2014 elections — even as Republican see ballot-box fallout for Democrats from President Obama’s perceived weakness during the crisis. "It does not complicate the cycle at all. 2014 is not going to be a referendum on Syria," Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said during a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington.


Slate: The Cleverest New Anti-Abortion Law

Oklahoma’s version isn’t written that clearly. It either bans all medication abortions (that’s the position of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is challenging the law) or it requires doctors who do medical abortions with Mifeprex to follow the FDA protocol (that’s what the lawyers for Oklahoma say). Last year, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a terse opinion striking down the law as unconstitutional without really explaining why, or which interpretation of the law is correct. So when the Supreme Court agreed to review the case, the justices first sent it back to the state Supreme Court for clarification, as Amanda Marcotte explained in Slate.


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