NCDP Clips September 10, 2013


Charlotte Observer: McCrory, NC Senate leader on TV ads to push agenda

Hagan’s campaign manager blasted Berger, saying the commercial ignored dozens of other changes in the new elections overhaul law that will make it harder for lawfully registered people to vote. Hagan previously asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to scrutinize the law. "Kay is standing up for access to the ballot box for all voters because she believes this fundamental right shouldn’t be a political football," Preston Elliott said. State Democratic Party spokesman Micah Beasley said the foundation’s ad distorts McCrory’s record. Beasley suggested the governor and his allies are "spooked" because he’s running a commercial three years before the next gubernatorial election.

Asheville Citizen Times: GOP ads tout McCrory, blast Hagan

Democrats blasted it, calling sponsor Renew North Carolina Foundation a “shady nonprofit.” “Gov. McCrory and his political allies must really be spooked to go up on air 3 years out from his election,” said Micah Beasley, a spokesman for the North Carolina Democratic Party, in a statement. “The ad is a blatant distortion of the truth behind extremist policies imposed by the Republican General Assembly and rubber-stamped into law by Gov. McCrory.”

ABC 11: Plans for new DHHS building cause controversy

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is once again under the microscope. The ABC11 I-Team has learned that taxpayers almost ponied up $1 million more than they needed to for a new building. The program NC FAST, which deals with food stamps, needs more space. So they took bids for a new building, but just as the state was about to award it to the lowest bidder DHHS changed the rules. Now, the state auditor wants to know why."I’m going to find out the answers to several questions," said State Auditor Beth Woods.


WRAL: NAACP takes ‘Moral Monday’ protest to Southern Pines

Protesters who criticized Republican policies outside the state legislature in Raleigh for 13 weeks this summer have taken their demonstrations on the road. On Monday, the so-called Moral Monday protest is in Southern Pines’ Downtown Park. Led by the state chapter of the NAACP, the protests in Raleigh resulted in the arrests of more than 900 people who decried the GOP’s "extremist agenda" on education, voting rights and unemployment, among other issues.

The Daily Tarheel: Nearly 30 years and counting for Ellie Kinnaird

Ellie Kinnaird went into politics because she wanted to help the people of Orange County. And now she’s leaving politics to help once more — only this time, it’s for all North Carolinians. Due to the changing landscape of state politics, Kinnaird, 81, resigned from the N.C. General Assembly last month and will embark on a new grassroots project. She will work to make sure every voter has a government-issued photo ID and knows where his or her voting precinct is, in the wake of changes to the state’s voting law — which she sees as suppressing minority and student voters.

Chapelboro: Replacing Valerie Foushee’s State House Seat

North Carolina Democratic Chair Randy Voller told WCHL’s Elizabeth Friend Sunday that the process to fill the House District 50 seat will kick off as soon as Governor Pat McCrory officially names Foushee to the Senate. Hughes says Chair of the 4th Congressional District, Ted Benson, will preside over a House of Representatives District Executive Committee to appoint someone to serve the remainder of Foushee’s term. Graig Meyer and Phyllis Mack-Horton will be representing Orange County. “The Sixth Congressional District is undergoing a leadership change at the moment, so it will fall into the lap of Fourth District Chair Ted Benson again to oversee this process,” Hughes says.

The Daily Tarheel: Valerie Foushee nominated for Kinnaird’s seat

“I’m surprised and grateful, but I know we have work to do, and I’m ready to hit the ground running,” she said in an interview. Foushee said her main goal while serving the remainder of Kinnaird’s term is to fight some of the Republican-led N.C. General Assembly’s policies. “All the progress that Democrats have made over the years is being eroded,” she said.


Huffington Post: Syria Accepts Russian Proposal To Surrender Chemical Weapons, Foreign Minister Says

The Associated Press reports Syria’s Foreign Minister has said his country has accepted a Russian proposal to relinquish control of its chemical arms stores. On Monday, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem stated that his country welcomed the Russian proposal, which called for Syria to place its chemical weapons under international control and for the weapons to be destroyed. No time frame or further details were given about the proposal. It remained unclear whether Syria was making genuine strides toward a diplomatic resolution to the conflict that began in March 2011, or if the proposal was a ploy by Syrian President Bashar Assad to buy more time in the face of a potential U.S. strike.

Reuters: Obama says Russian proposal on Syria a potential ‘breakthrough’

President Barack Obama, seeking to boost support for military action against Syria, said on Monday that Russia’s offer to work with Damascus to put its chemical weapons under international control could be a big deal – if it is serious. "This could potentially be a significant breakthrough," Obama told NBC News in an interview. "But we have to be skeptical because this is not how we’ve seen them operate over the last couple of years."

Politico: More international support on Syria

The White House offered an updated list Monday of countries supporting a joint statement condemning Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons and calling for repercussions. The original statement, released at the end of the G-20 summit, had the backing of 11 countries including the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. The update brings the total number of signatories to 25 countries. Potentially key allies include Germany, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates."We call for a strong international response to this grave violation of the world’s rules and conscience that will send a clear message that this kind of atrocity can never be repeated. Those who perpetrated these crimes must be held accountable," the statement in part reads. Evidence, it says, clearly points to Assad’s regime."We support efforts undertaken by the United States and other countries to reinforce the prohibition on the use of chemical weapons," the statement adds.

The Washington Post: Hillary Clinton credits Obama for potential chemical weapons deal

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton went to bat Monday for President Obama’s plan for military action in Syria. She said that Russia’s proposal for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to international monitors is an “important step” and credited Obama’s move toward military action for bringing about the potential deal. “It is very important to note that this discussion that has taken hold today about potential international control over Syria’s stockpiles only could take place in the context of a credible military threat by the United States to keep pressure on the Syrian government, as well as those supporting Syria, like Russia,” Clinton said.

NBC NEWS: The Last Word: Hillary Clinton Backs President Obama on Syria (VIDEO)


Dome: Hagan fires back at Berger

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s re-election campaign responded to a TV ad being run by Republican Phil Berger, saying that Berger had backed "the most restrictive voting law in the country’ that had even drawn the ire of Republican Colin Powell. Berger, the state Senate leader, began running a commercial in the Greensboro market, criticizing Hagan for opposing a voter ID law that the legislature passed. "Shouldn’t you show a photo ID to vote?” the ad asks. "Liberals like Obama and Kay Hagan say ‘no.”’

Charlotte Observer: It’s primary election day in Charlotte

A Charlotte Democratic mayoral primary race that would have seemed hard to imagine a year ago ends Tuesday when voters go to the polls and select candidates for the November general election. It’s Primary Election Day in Charlotte, and voters essentially will choose a majority of the City Council members, along with nominees for mayor from the Democratic and Republican parties.

Charlotte Observer: Decision 2013: Charlotte voters head to the polls

Charlotte voters will essentially choose a majority of the City Council in addition to Democratic and Republican mayoral nominees Tuesday.

The Washington Post: DCCC adds nine names to program for top recruits

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has added nine candidates to a recently launched program to support top recruits, including seven women, the committee announced Monday. The DCCC added the nine new names to its “Jumpstart” roster. The committee launched the program earlier this year to support top recruits for battleground races. With the new additions, the program now includes 16 candidates.

The Hill: New Democratic Coalition girds for 2014

Members of the New Democratic Coalition are rallying to protect vulnerable lawmakers who Republicans have in their 2014 crosshairs. Eighteen of the 26 House members included in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) incumbent-protecting “Frontline” program are members of the fiscally centrist group’s caucus.

The Washington Post: DCCC head Steve Israel: 2014 elections won’t be Syria referendum

The ongoing debate over Syria will not be the defining issue of the 2014 midterm elections, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday. Speaking to reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington, Israel said the election will pivot on “the middle class,” which political party presents “solutions,” and competing visions over President Obama’s health care law.

Roll Call: McConnell Primary Challenger Vows ‘Expensive Race’ (Video)

Of course, taking on the top Senate Republican in the primary will not be easy, and Bevin has already faced attacks. McConnell is one of the most well-prepared incumbents of the cycle, with nearly $10 million in cash on hand by the end of June. “This will be an expensive race,” Bevin conceded. “There isn’t an amount of money he can’t and won’t raise.” Bevin, who could also at least partially self-fund, added that he’ll raise “what is needed to win this.”


ABC 11: Meeker may run for governor

Even though Gov. Pat McCrory has only been in office for eight months, two Democrats are already lining up to make McCrory a one-term governor. Meeker says the state deserves better than what it’s getting now. "Our state needs a brighter future — a much brighter future," said Meeker. A desire for better is Meeker’s motivation to aim for the state’s highest office. It’s a thought he first shared Wednesday afternoon with an online political blog. "Our schools, community colleges and universities are way, way underfunded," said Meeker. "The small towns and rural areas don’t have programs to help unemployment."

The Hill: Eyes on 2016, potential White House contenders flock with doves on Syria

Likely Republican presidential hopefuls who once expressed hawkish views on U.S. policy in Syria are pivoting with an eye on how the issue will play in the 2016 GOP primary. [WATCH VIDEO] With the conservative wing of the party now largely unified in opposition to military action, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are singing a different tune from just months ago, when both seemed to advocate a more muscular U.S. response to Syrian President Bashar Assad.


The Washington Post: Hawaii legislature will consider gay marriage

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) has called the state legislature back into special session to vote on legalizing same-sex marriage, a step that likely means he’s corralled the necessary votes to pass a bill. Democrats have overwhelming majorities in both the state House and Senate, but some Democratic legislators weren’t on board with a same-sex marriage bill. Party leaders met in late August to count the votes; Abercrombie said he would call a special session if legislators could agree on language that would withstand a court challenge.

Charlotte Observer: NC National Guard to recognize same-sex marriages

The North Carolina National Guard announced Monday that it will begin recognizing same-sex marriages, a policy shift that could have substantial financial help for families not previously eligible for the same federal military benefits awarded to heterosexual couples. Spokesman Lt. Col. Maury A. Williams said the Guard will abide by U.S. Department of Defense orders extending benefits to the same-sex spouses of uniformed service members. Williams said couples who wed in states where same-sex marriage is legal can begin applying for benefits immediately.


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