NEWS & OBSERVER: Hagan says Air Force budget proposal would cut 1,100 Fort Bragg jobs
RALEIGH — Sen. Kay Hagan is protesting a military proposal to deactivate a Fort Bragg-based Air Force unit, according to her office.The Air Force’s most recent budget proposal would “inactivate” the 440th Airlift Wing at Pope Field, a Hagan spokesman wrote in an email. Pope Field is an Air Mobility Command facility at Fort Bragg.

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NEWS & RECORD: Scoop: Local Republican business owner supports Hagan
Kernersville businesswoman Jenny Fulton, co-founder of Miss Jenny’s Pickles, says U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan supports small businesses in a new campaign video released Tuesday. Fulton says Hagan "is working hard on issues like improving access to capital and expanding export opportunities because she gets that small businesses like mine are key to getting our state’s economy back on track."

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SALISBURY POST: Judge OKs access to voting law documents
WINSTON-SALEM (AP) — North Carolina must provide groups suing to overturn last year’s voting law with documents created even after it was signed in the summer, a judge has ruled. The federal magistrate judge’s order released Tuesday is important to civil rights groups and the U.S. government, which contend portions of the law are unconstitutional and discriminatory under the Voting

Rights Act. They argue they need documents about how the law is being implemented to show it’s going to hurt voters in minority groups.

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NEWS & OBSERVER: Under the Dome: Art Pope rejects UNC system budget proposal
Art Pope, the state budget director, has kicked the UNC system’s budget proposal back to the Board of Governors for a rewrite, saying it “simply is not realistic.” In a memo on Feb. 28, Pope took university leaders to task, saying they’re asking for far too much money at a time when the state has competing priorities such as Medicaid and raises for K-12 teachers and state employees.
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NC POLICY WATCH: Election Law’s Racial Twist
It’s easy to imagine the response from legislative leaders to a new scholarly look at the impacts of North Carolina’s recent election law changes: “Get over it!” Those same Republican legislators would be hard-pressed to argue that the changes won’t hold down vote totals among people who these days tend to vote Democratic. What the new study does is crunch the numbers to describe the disproportionate effect on voters who are African-American.

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BLOOMBERG: North Carolina’s Toxic Future

A dystopian nightmare is unfolding in North Carolina. It is what the whole country would look like if you were to marry David Koch to Ted Cruz, with a prenup by ALEC, the outside agitator also known as the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is the group that writes regressive laws, saving right-wingers the trouble of having to do it themselves.

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POLITICO: Harry Reid continues showdown with Kochs

Harry Reid is leading a concerted election-year strategy by Democrats to demonize the Koch brothers, starting on the Senate floor. The Senate majority leader again lit into Charles and David Koch on Tuesday, showing little regard for GOP criticisms of his previous attacks on the billionaire brothers. Reid refused to back away from his previous assessment that the brothers are “un-American,” deeming their philosophy one “that benefits billionaires at the expense of the middle class.”
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THE WHITE HOUSE: The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2015: Opportunity for All

A Roadmap for Growth, Opportunity, and Fiscal Responsibility: The President’s Budget provides a roadmap for accelerating economic growth, expanding opportunity for all Americans, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. It invests in infrastructure, job training, preschool, and pro-work tax cuts, while reducing deficits through health, tax, and immigration reform.

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TRIANGLE TRIBUNE: Wake County honors trailblazers of school desegregation

RALEIGH – Wake County is honoring a special piece of black history. "A Salute to the Trailblazers: This is My Story" was the kickoff to a yearlong celebration of school desegregation and those who pioneered its effort. Held at the Marbles Kids Museum, a panel of trailblazers discussed their experiences during the 1960s and ‘70s. "Our presence here sends a bold message – that we are here to learn and draw from this wisdom," Project Director Kristi D. Tally said. "We are positioned as the beneficiaries of great wisdom not to be taken lightly."

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Michael Gould, a former school employee and adult probation/parole officer, discusses how we can save the State money while compensating our State employees.

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