NCDP Clips for Wednesday, March 6, 2013


WRAL – House committee considers lottery ad changes
The North Carolina House Judiciary Committee was meeting Wednesday to consider changes to lottery advertising that would remove the word "education" from the North Carolina Education Lottery. The goal, as stated in the bill, would be "to provide for honesty in advertising and marketing" of the lottery.

The bill sets out specific requirements for information about prizes and odds to be included in lottery ads and requires the University of North Carolina to do research into lottery participation by income and geography.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER – NC House GOP begins to move on voter ID bill
House Republicans announced plans Tuesday to begin moving the politically divisive voter photo ID bill through the legislature, saying they would slow walk it to give all parties the opportunity to comment.
GOP lawmakers, who have enough votes to pass the measure, disclosed a schedule that will begin with a public hearing on March 12 followed by two House committee meetings in which expert testimony will be heard. The bill will likely be introduced in late March and voted on by the House in mid-April.


WRAL – Bill allowing tax credit for working to expire poised for Senate passage
The state Senate gave key approval Tuesday to legislation that would end a state tax credit for low-income workers at the end of this year.
The demise of the earned-income tax credit was included in House Bill 82, which updates sections of the federal tax code for North Carolina taxpayers.
The bill, which has already cleared the House, passed 32-18 on second reading. A final vote is expected Wednesday before the bill heads to Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk.


REFLECTOR – NC commissions bill heads to conference committee
Senate Republicans have rejected a House version of their bill to clear out dozens of current members of North Carolina regulatory boards and commissions. Now a special committee will meet to attempt to work out differences.


WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL – McCrory prepares to sign 4 bills into law
Gov. Pat McCrory is ready to sign a handful of bills, including a measure that prevents the state for now from participating in parts of the federal health care overhaul.
McCrory’s office said the governor would sign four bills late Wednesday afternoon, including the legislation that would block the state from expanding Medicaid to cover more lower-income people and from operating an online health care marketplace. The federal government will run the exchange instead.


Clay Pittman
Press Secretary
North Carolina Democratic Party
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