NCDP Clips for Wednesday, March 20, 2013

  • Good Wednesday morning…..Governor McCrory will unveil his first budget proposal today, on the heels of Senate Leader Berger’s announcement of an education plan yesterday. NC A&T wins the first game of the NCAA tournament…..Wednesday’s Clips:


WRAL – McCrory’s budget likely to target education, Medicaid
As governor, Pat McCrory gets his first formal crack at the budget on Wednesday, but it is not the last – not by a long shot.
The Republican will offer his first spending plan at 10:30 a.m., laying out how he would spend roughly $20 billion in state tax dollars.

NEWS & OBSERVER – Morning Memo: 5 big questions for Pat McCrory’s first budget plan
McCRORY’S BUDGET DEBUTS TODAY: Gov. Pat McCrory will unveil his first state budget proposal at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday — a document that will help define his legislative agenda and vision for the state. Here are five questions he will face:


CHARLOTTE OBSERVER – Berger announces major education package
The state Senate leader on Tuesday unveiled a second wave of measures he said would serve to hold schools and teachers more accountable for students’ progress.
He proposed ending teacher tenure, limiting the amount of time spent on testing for final exams, grading entire schools and an emphasis on literacy.

WRAL – McCrory creates NC center to boost school safety
Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday announced the creation of the North Carolina Center for Safer Schools to examine the best school security programs nationwide and determine which fit best in school districts across the state.

The center, part of the state Department of Public Safety, will be headed by Kym Martin, an Apex mother of four and a former educator.


NEWS & OBSERVER – Lawmakers look at adding taxes to 130 more services
The Emporium Plaza and its patchwork of shops is not unlike any other strip mall along Capital Boulevard. There’s a barber shop, an urgent care clinic, a spa and pool retailer, and even a Chuck E. Cheese.
But they are connected in the minds of some Republican lawmakers five miles south at the statehouse: All offer services exempt from the state sales tax.
To lower the state’s income taxes, top legislative leaders are discussing a plan to levy a sales tax on those businesses and roughly 130 more that offer tax-free services – everything from haircuts and insurance to pool cleaning and arcade games.

INDY WEEKLY – General Assembly wresting authority from local governments’ hands
A government that abuses its authority, tramples the people’s right to be self-governing and acts for corrupt ends instead of the public good is tyranny.
That’s what the signers of the Declaration of Independence, in 1776, charged England with its misrule of the American colonies. That also describes the Republican Party’s reign in North Carolina since taking control of state government.

NEWS & OBSERVER – NC House OKs limits on residential standards
Despite calls for compromise, the N.C. House on Tuesday voted 94 to 22 to pass a bipartisan bill that limits the power of local governments to regulate residential housing based on their design or appearance.
The state Senate is expected to take up the bill as early as next week.


WASHINGTON POST – Assault weapons ban dropped from gun bill
Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid on Tuesday declared politically dead the effort to ban military-style assault weapons, a setback for President Obama and gun-control advocates who are pushing the Senate to move quickly on bills to limit gun violence.


NC A&T: 73
Libery: 72

NEWS-RECORD – N.C. A&T hangs on to earn a shot at No. 1 Louisville
As Liberty’s John Caleb Sanders bore down on him and the clock ticked toward the final horn, N.C. A&T’s Austin Witter had a couple of things going through his head.
He’s probably going to the rim, so hold your ground.

ESPN – Barack Obama picks Final Four
President Barack Obama has predicted that Louisville, Indiana, Ohio State and Florida will reach the Final Four in this year’s NCAA tournament.
Obama filled out brackets for both the men’s and women’s tournaments Tuesday in an exclusive interview with ESPN.


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