NCDP Clips for Thursday, June 18th, 2015

NCDP Clips for Thursday, June 18th, 2015

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Voter ID protests at state legislature lead to more arrests (AP) — The state NAACP president and nine others were arrested Wednesday evening during a demonstration against a North Carolina voter identification law inside the Legislative Building.

Key House member, McCrory concerned about NC Senate budget (AP) — Senate Republicans pushed their two-year North Carolina government spending plan over a key hurdle Wednesday, despite opposition from the chamber’s Democrats and several interest groups. Even a key House Republican and GOP Gov. Pat McCrory also raised concerns about what’s inside.

NC Senate Gives Initial Approval to Spending Plan (TWCN-TV) — Senators debated, amended, and took the first of two votes on the budget bill. Advocates were also in the legislative building speaking out on what they want to see changed before this bill could become law.

Biotech Center CEO on budget cut: ‘We don’t want life sciences to go the way of textiles, tobacco and furniture …’ (WRAL-TV) — The proposed N.C. Senate budget calls for a zeroing-out of all financial support for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. That wipe out would have a big impact on the state’s life science industry, warns Biotech Center CEO Doug Edgeton.

McCrory unhappy with local sales tax change in Senate budget (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory says he is opposed to part of the North Carolina Senate budget that reworks how local sales taxes are distributed to benefit smaller counties.

Senate GOP docks UNC Law $3M (WRAL-TV) — A last-minute amendment by Senate leaders Wednesday docked the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law budget by $3 million. Democrats say it’s political payback for legislative critic Gene Nichol.

Nonprofit leaders say sales tax, charitable deduction changes would hurt (WRAL-TV) Hospitals, YMCAs, churches and universities say they will be harmed by changes to charitable deductions and sales tax refunds proposed by the state Senate.

N.C. Senate amendment spares Wake County transit tax plan (Triangle Business Journal) — Wake County officials are praising a move by the N.C. Senate to remove a provision from the chamber’s budget that would have blocked a proposed transit tax plan.

Proposed sales tax expansion could take bite out of pet owners’ wallets (WRAL-TV) — Pet owners could soon be paying more for veterinary bills and grooming services.

Gun bill clears House after heated debate (WRAL-TV) – -For a second straight day, House members engaged in a long, emotional debate Wednesday over legislation that loosens state restrictions on who can carry a concealed weapon and where those weapons can be carried.

Legislation to stop cheating companies in NC passes another hurdle (Raleigh News & Ob server) — Businesses that illegally classify workers as contractors could face more scrutiny in the coming years. New laws would create special investigators.

A vote on HB 263 could come Thursday (Greensboro News & Record) — The vote on a bill to restructure the City Council could happen as soon as Thursday in the N.C. House of Representatives.

Electronic NC car registration, property tax option approved (AP) — Motorists could soon get their annual notice to renew their car registration and pay property taxes by email.

Sen. Jeff Tarte plans to introduce bill to stop I-77 tolling (Charlotte Observer) — Mecklenburg County senator could introduce a bill as early as Thursday seeking to terminate the state’s just-signed contract with a private company to build and operate toll lanes on Interstate 77. Republican Sen. Jeff Tarte of Cornelius said Tuesday’s vote by Mecklenburg County commissioners helped fuel his decision. Commissioners voted for a resolution calling on the state to cut ties with I-77 Mobility Partners and ask Gov. Pat McCrory to look at alternative funding sources for widening I-77 with general-purpose lanes.

Undocumented Students From Across NC Rally at General Assembly (TWCN-TV) — The rally was to expose the thousands of undocumented students that graduate each year from North Carolina high schools, but are unable to go to college due to the extreme costs of out-of-state tuition. The group highlighted the recent introduction of Senate Bill 463 which would grant in-state tuition to undocumented and DACA students.

Disappearing revenue: Legislature’s actions Bring about reduced money for municipalities (Washington Daily News) — In recent years, municipalities in North Carolina have been dealing with changes to state laws that negatively affect their revenue, sometimes by eliminating revenue sources.


Elections board: NC senator may have misspent campaign money (AP) — North Carolina elections officials decided Wednesday to send state prosecutors the findings of their two-year investigation into a powerful state senator’s use of campaign contributions from political supporters on personal expenses from speeding tickets to shoe repairs.

NC County Considers Banning Open Carry (TWCN-TV) — This proposal comes after a man walked into a library with an unconcealed gun, was asked to leave and threatened to sue.

NC insurance commissioner warns of ‘chaos’ that could result from ACA Supreme Court decision (Raleigh News & Observer) — An imminent decision from the U.S. Supreme Court on subsidies under the Affordable Care Act could unleash “incredible chaos” in North Carolina’s health care market, N.C. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin predicted Wednesday.

Court’s ACA-subsidy ruling could cut $1.7B flowing to N.C. (Charlotte Business Journal) — With the long-awaited King v. Burwell court decision expected in the coming weeks, North Carolinians are paying close attention.

McCrory visits NCCU to tout bond plan (Durham Herald-Sun) — Gov. Pat McCrory brought his quest for a $3 billion statewide bond referendum to N.C. Central University on Wednesday, telling campus and local political leaders the proposal matters for the state’s long-term economic future.


Why North Carolina’s unprecedented exemption is wrong for America (RNS column) — The courthouse is not a religious space, and the magistrate is not acting in a religious capacity. She is doing her job, which she took an oath to do.

Political independence is a good thing (New Bern Sun Journal) — We have been especially impressed with Gov. Pat McCrory’s willingness to veto several pieces of bad legislation passed by the Republican controlled N.C. General Assembly. Unfortunately, the legislature was able to override both vetoes.

NC lawmakers should protect funding for teacher assistants (Raleigh News & Observer) — One thing’s clear from the state Senate budget that makes huge cuts in money for teachers assistants: Not many Republican senators have spent time recently in elementary school classrooms.

Science and religion in accord on climate change (Raleigh News & Observer column) — Katharine Hayhoe and Susannah Tuttle: As Pope Francis releases his landmark encyclical on the environment, it is our experience that science (through the scientific method) and religion (through discernment) both value transparent, honest and civil dialogue to understand claims about climate change and its effects.

Privatizing Medicaid may not help it, and will hide it (Fayetteville Observer) — The dominance of the Republican Party in Raleigh these days isn’t a guarantee of harmony.