NCDP Clips for September 30, 2014

NCDP Clips

September 30, 2014


Congressman Denies Making Controversial Comments About Gays, Forgets The Entire Thing Is On Tape: Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) is now claiming that he did not make comments supporting anti-LGBT employment discrimination, as reported by ThinkProgress earlier this month. Read more here.

The Big Issue in the North Carolina Senate Race: “In the state house, [Tillis] did the tax cuts, then he cut, cut, cut. What did he cut? He cut a half a billion dollars from our education system,” Hagan said. “You know in North Carolina, education has always been a sacred bipartisan priority.” Read more here.

What Does Thom Tillis Want?: The Republican candidate for Senate from North Carolina has shown a remarkable knack for moving up in the ranks, but he seems less sure what to do once he gets there. Read more here.

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Koch group investigated for faulty mailers: In the complaint, Casey Mann, the state Democratic Party’s executive director, accused AFP of an “attempt to utilize misleading, incorrect, and confusing voter registration mailers as a means of discouraging or intimidating voters in the 2014 general election.” Read more here.

NC elections board investigating AFP’s error-filled mailer to voters: Mann said she knew of someone living here under a visa who received AFP’s voter registration application. “It seems strange that an organization so determined to root out voter fraud can provide so much information to people who are not eligible to vote,” she said. Read more here.

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Worse Than Mississippi: Study Finds NC is America’s Worst State for Teachers: North Carolina is the worst state in the country for teachers, the Greensboro News and Record reports today. According to a study by personal finance website WalletHub, North Carolina ranks dead last among all states plus Washington, DC. Read more here.

McCrory may need some counseling on psychologist numbers: "We’ve frankly got enough psychologists and sociologists and political science majors and journalists. With all due respect to journalism, we’ve got enough. We have way too many," McCrory reportedly told the audience. Read more here.

The amazing scale of coal-fired power plant pollution in NC: A new study shows that NC’s coal-fired power plants are some of the biggest polluters in the country, with two ranking in the top twenty and three ranking among the fifty dirtiest plants in the nation. Clean energy businesses, medical professionals, and academics pointed to the data to support proposed limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Read more here.


Middle-class squeeze: From day care to health care: The figures help explain why many Americans feel stressed even as the economy has strengthened — and why some feel bewildered to hear that overall inflation in the United States is, if anything, too low. Read more here.

Hospitals In States That Won’t Expand Medicaid Left With More Unpaid Bills: States that refuse to accept Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion aren’t just leaving behind poor residents, they’re also hurting hospitals’ bottom lines. Read more here.

As Obamacare Pays Medical Bills, Red States Pressured On Medicaid: A new report showing the continued pileup of unpaid medical bills in states that didn’t expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act is escalating criticism on these Republican-led areas of the country to expand the health insurance program for the poor. Read more here.


Durham nonprofit launches fundraising effort at NC Pride festival: When Helena Cragg and others started organizing the LGBTQ Center of Durham last year, the public began asking one question over and over – “Where is it?” Read more here.