NCDP Clips for September 22, 2014

NCDP Clips

September 22, 2014

2014 N.C. Voter Guide: presented by the N.C. Center for Voter Education and UNC-TV

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Young Men Need To Stand Against Violence: Vice President Joe Biden said Friday the nation needs to bring young men into the struggle against domestic violence by encouraging them to stand against the crime on college campuses. Read more here.

Every Female GOP Senator Voted Against Paycheck Fairness. Why?: Read their reasons here.

North Carolina

Become Alabama in 12 easy steps: State revenues in North Carolina decreased by more than $200 million in July and August, the first two months of the fiscal year, when compared with the same months in 2013. Read more here.

Feds award $55.3M in loan guarantees for 22 solar projects in NC. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s list of North Carolina solar power projects to be backed by federal loan guarantees ranges from easy-to-miss small rooftop panels to huge industrial solar farms visible from a distance. Read more here.

Did energy group bus homeless in to support fracking?: Homeless men unfamiliar with fracking were bused from Winston-Salem to a state hearing Friday on the controversial technique for extracting natural gas, an effort to bolster a pro-fracking turnout, according to an environmental group and a published report. Read more here.


TV News Misses Yet Another Opportunity To Cover Climate Change: The People’s Climate March on Sunday was perhaps the largest climate change protest in history. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of New York City. Celebrities and high-profile politicians were among the marchers. The protest was a huge topic on social media. Read more here.

New Census Data Once Again Illustrate Importance of Unions to the Middle Class: Among the most frequently overlooked contributors to the middle class’ declining share of the economic pie is the weakening of labor unions, whose membership as a share of the national population also sat stagnant at a historic low in 2013. Read more here.

Supreme Court Blocks Kobach’s Power Move In Kansas Senate Race: The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Democratic Senate nominee Chad Taylor’s name should be removed from the ballot in November, overruling Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R). Read more here.

GOP Nominee Admits Obamacare is Working: While Obamacare attacks continue to fade, health reform’s success is even forcing some Republicans to acknowledge the law is having positive effects. Read more here.

Obamacare sea change: GOP governor boasts about ACA benefits. Earlier this year, the Republican game plan for health care was pretty straightforward: attack “Obamacare” constantly, make it the centerpiece of the 2014 cycle, and wait for the inevitable victories to roll in. The very idea that we’d see a Republican governor bragging about Affordable Care Act benefits – in the final stretch of a tough re-election campaign, no less – seemed hard to fathom. Read more here.

Millions Of Women Don’t Have To Pay A Dollar When They Pick Up Their Birth Control. Under the health care reform law’s contraceptive provision, an increasing number of privately insured women aren’t being charged a co-pay for the birth control service of their choice, according to a new study from the Guttmacher Institute. Read more here.


GOP congressional candidate endorses going to war with Mexico over undocumented immigrants: I don’t think that prepared any of us for the revelation that Mark Walker’s answer to undocumented immigrants is to "go laser or blitz somebody" in Mexico, as he told a local Rockingham County tea party group called Will of the People on June 26th of this year. Read more here.