NCDP Clips for November 4, 2014

NCDP Clips

November 4, 2014

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Battle for Congress begins as America votes in midterm elections – live updates: See more here.

What could a Republican-controlled Senate mean for the country?: Republicans have many roads to a Senate majority. In their final arguments, Democrats and Republicans are telling crowds a change in Senate management will have serious consequences. Though they mean entirely different things when they say it, it’s one of the few things the two parties agree on: a shift to a Republican Senate would be a big deal. Read more here.

North Carolina

NC ranked one of the worst states for Latinas in the gender pay gap: The wage gap for North Carolina women is 17.2 cents while the wage gap for Latina women is over three times as wide at 53.7 cents. African American women fall somewhere in the middle with a wage gap of 37.3 cents, more than twice that of women overall. Read more here.

Don’t Care About Your State Legislature? Let John Oliver Amusingly Explain Why You Should: With Election Day just a day away, all eyes are on whether the Republicans will take control of the Senate. However, on Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver made the case for why our local elections are just as important. While this U.S. Congress has been stuck in partisan gridlock as one of the least productive in history, state legislatures have been passing bills by the thousands, including important laws about abortion, gay marriage, and other issues. Watch here.

5 questions Election Day will answer: North Carolina voters have just endured one of the state’s longest (ads started last winter), most negative, and most expensive (more than $100 million spent) U.S. Senate races. Read more here.

Proposed constitutional change splits legal community: Defense lawyers in North Carolina are divided over a constitutional amendment on Tuesday’s ballot that could change how some criminal defendants are tried. Read more here.


Medicaid expansion on the line in many key races: But for many Americans, a great deal is at stake today. These families may not get a lot of attention, and they may not be as fascinating to political reporters as Bruce Braley’s neighbor’s chickens or Alison Lundergan Grimes’ 2012 presidential preference, but they’re probably wondering today whether the election results will allow them to receive affordable medical care. Read more here.

Joan Jett, Tavi Gevinson, Natasha Lyonne And More Get Down To Get Out The Vote: Joan Jett wants women to vote in the upcoming midterm election — and who says no to Joan Jett? Exactly. Watch here.


Wake Democrats ‘shake’ off GOP attacks on county commission candidates: The Wake County Democratic Party is responding musically to the latest GOP attack charging that a Democratic majority on the county board of commissioners would “rubber stamp Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday demands all over our county.” Watch here.

Rev. William Barber accuses Wake GOP of ‘race-baiting’ by trying to make him a campaign issue: The Rev. William Barber, the president of the state NAACP, charged that the Wake County Republican Party is engaging in “race-baiting,” “fear-baiting” and “scare tactics” by using him and the Moral Monday movement as a campaign issue in the county board of commissioners races. Read more here.

Voter Suppression in Forsyth County Also Backfires: The Forsyth County Board of Elections reduced Early Voting locations in downtown Winston-Salem to one, eliminating a site on the Winston-Salem State University campus. It’s been the pattern all across North Carolina, including in Watauga County: squeeze the urban locations for Early Voting in an attempt to discourage urban voters. Read more here.