NCDP Clips for Monday, June 15th, 2015

NCDP Clips for Monday, June 15th, 2015

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Republicans face 2014 differences on N.C. Medicaid overhaul (AP) — It looks like North Carolina House and Senate Republicans are nearing the same impasse they reached in 2014 over the best way to overhaul how the state Medicaid program pays to treat patients.

‘Main Street’ Democrats look to the middle for pro-business NC voters (Charlotte Observer) — With their party on the wrong side of Republican super-majorities, growing numbers of legislative Democrats are looking for relevance and success where the party found it before – in the center.


Tick Tock: Will NC Be Ready for 2016 Presidential Election? (Public News Service) — North Carolina is projected to be a "swing state" by analysts for the 2016 presidential election, yet its election law changes and redistricting still are being challenged in court. If the 2014 election is any indication, there is cause for concern, according to a Democracy North Carolina report.

Juneteenth turns 150 as ‘Black Independence Day’ (Charlotte Observer) –The 150th anniversary of the Civil War passed with little fanfare in Charlotte, but one of the conflict’s lesser known moments is being commemorated this week in Charlotte with a four-day festival: The day the last slaves learned they had been freed


Victims in two Oak Island shark attacks in fair condition (Wilmington Star-News) — First victim – a 12-year-old girl – lost part of her left arm, may lose left leg, and the second victim, a 16-year-old boy, lost his left arm, Oak Island

Visitors flock to Carowinds for wooden coaster set to close (AP) — Visitors are flocking to Carowinds theme park for a last ride on the massive wooden roller coaster called Thunder Road.

Doctors Give Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke (TWCN-TV) — Temperatures are quickly climbing up in to the mid to upper 90s this week. Within just hours of sunrise and with humidity, it’s going to feel much hotter. Heat stroke can be an issue.


The naked emperor of voter suppression (Winston-Salem Journal column) — Hans Christian Andersen told us two centuries ago about the emperor who had no clothes. The latest incarnation of that emperor is voter suppression. It struts amongst us wrapped in North Carolina’s new election law, HB 589, a robe woven from the fragile thread of unproven claims of widespread voter fraud. If there is any justice, the world is about to realize that emperor is a throwback to old Jim Crow.

Politics in the age of Internet algorithms (Raleigh News & Observer column) — Sarah Catherine Smith: As the election season carries on, it is important to be aware that the opinions and stories you see on the web are strongly influenced by what algorithms think you should see.

Governor’s pardon: Harsh lessons from an unjust case (Winston-Salem Journal) — The celebration can’t help but be mixed with sadness – and anger. Half-brothers Henry McCollum and Leon Brown were pardoned by Gov. Pat McCrory recently after being exonerated and released from prison last September. But that was after spending 30 years – the bulk of their young lives – in prison. McCollum was the longest-serving inmate on North Carolina’s death row