NCDP Clips for Monday, April 6th, 2015

NCDP Clips for Monday, April 6th, 2015

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McCrory, GOP tax ‘reform’ has elderly facing big bite (Hendersonville Times-News) — Don Ward spends nearly every hour of the day in his Hendersonville home caring for his 82-year-old wife, Cynthia. Two caregivers help him most of the week. Between the caregivers, insurance premiums, medicine, surgeries and other related costs, Ward’s medical expenses totaled $40,000 for 2014. In 2013, when his expenses were about the same, Ward’s North Carolina income tax refund was $1,000, which he put in a medical account that took care of expenses such as paying the two caregivers. For 2014, however, Ward will take a big hit and owe nearly $3,000.

Abortion bills filed in NC continue catch-up to other states (AP) — Social conservatives at the North Carolina legislature are pressing forward with new bills to put more limits on abortion.


PAY CUT LOOMING? Teachers, state workers face hike for health insurance(Charlotte Observer) — Teachers and other state employees across North Carolina will see premiums and out-of-pocket costs rise next year if state lawmakers approve a proposal before the State Health Plan’s board of trustees.

Incentives gap narrow as NC lost Mercedes HQ to Georgia (AP) — North Carolina officials are looking back at a second failed effort to attract a major carmaker as the state looks ahead to luring Volvo’s first-ever U.S. assembly plant. North Carolina lost out in January when luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz announced it’s moving its U.S. headquarters from New Jersey to suburban Atlanta. Documents from the state Commerce Department indicate a relatively small role for tax breaks and other incentives – North Carolina offered $15,3 million compared to Georgia’s $23.3 million. Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Stephen Cannon said the executives wanted to be closer to the company’s growing customer base in the Southeast, a seaport in Brunswick, Ga., and its manufacturing plant in Alabama. Mercedes also put a high priority on flights from Atlanta’s airport, the world’s busiest.

Duke Students Protest Indiana’s RFRA During Game (TWCN-TV) — While in Indianapolis for the Fnal Four, some Duke students wanted to send a message about discrimination. Members of LGBT clubs on Duke’s campus passed out rainbow ribbons and stickers before the game.

Greensboro Democrat wants to end medical device tax (Greensboro News & Record) — U.S. Rep. Alma Adams , a Greensboro Democrat, wants Congress to repeal the excise tax on medical devices.

Protests mount over shooting range plans near Lake James (Charlotte Observer) — Protests are rising over a North Carolina plan to open a shooting range near Lake James, at the foot of Burke County’s rugged and renowned Linville Gorge Wilderness Area.


Social issues distract NC lawmakers from economic agenda (Raleigh News & Observer) — Really? We’re doing this again? Republican lawmakers kept talking about jobs and the economy all through their legislative campaigns and said their policies of less regulation and lower taxes would draw businesses by the dozen to North Carolina and put everybody to work. At least, that was the core of their sales job, a successful one, on the voters of the state. So why don’t they focus on those economic issues instead of being distracted, again and again, by the two mainstay issues of the far right: guns and abortion?

Duke noose: Say it loud: We won’t tolerate this (Winston-Salem Journal) — It’s hard to know what to make of the brightly-colored noose found hanging prominently outside the main student center at Duke University, except that it’s sad, it’s angering, it’s baffling and it’s wrong. But campus officials, including Duke President Richard Brodhead, handled the incident the right way, condemning the act and calling for conversation.

Young offenders belong in juvenile system (Fayetteville Observer) — In North Carolina, you’ve got to be 21 to drink and 18 to vote. But if you’re charged with a crime at 16, you’ll be tried as an adult.