NCDP Clips for May 6, 2013

  • Gov. McCrory picks up national attention, and protests continue at the NCGA. Monday’s clips:


WRAL – NC’s Pat McCrory gives weekly GOP address
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory was selected by national Republican leaders to give this week’s GOP response to President Barack Obama’s weekly radio address.
Party leaders often use the weekly response to give national exposure to up-and-coming politicians, from governors to members of Congress. Last week’s address was offered by Rep. Bill Shuster, R-PA.

NEWS & OBSERVER – McCrory’s national radio address underlines themes of economy, education and efficiency
Gov. Pat McCrory gave the GOP’s weekly radio address on Saturday morning, giving the newly elected North Carolina governor a bit of a national profile.
McCrory repeated the gist of his campaign themes and remarks he has made since taking office in January, saying North Carolina is working on reforms in the economy, education and efficiency.


NEWS & RECORD – NAACP plans new protest, arrests at NC Legislature
Opponents to the vision of progress offered by North Carolina’s Republican leaders say they’re stepping up the nonviolent demonstrations until they’re heard.


NEWS & OBSERVER – News flash: Redistricting disenfranchises minority party
A study commissioned by a good-government group documents the unsurprising finding that redistricting in North Carolina has long been used by the party in power to disenfranchise voters who don’t support them.


WTVD – Concealed weapon bill ready for North Carolina House floor
Some North Carolina lawmakers want to give concealed weapon permit holders more places to carry or store their pistols.
The House scheduled debate Monday on a Republican-backed measure that’s endorsed by gun-rights groups but opposed strongly by university leaders.


THE HERALD SUN – McCrory: More federal cooperation could unleash North Carolina’s economy
GOV. PAT McCRORY – To get North Carolina moving forward again, our administration is concentrating on reforms in three fundamental areas: the economy, education and efficiency. We’re making great progress on some complex long-term problems, but on two critical issues – health care and energy – we’re going to need the federal government’s cooperation.

NEWS & RECORD – Town Square: Is Healthy Marriage Act a good idea or harmful?
Recently, North Carolina lawmakers have proposed Senate Bill 518, the so-called “Healthy Marriage Act” that would require a couple seeking a divorce to undergo classes on communications skills and conflict management and then wait two years for divorce. If the couple had children before the divorce, they would be compelled to undergo additional counseling related to the impact of divorce on children.

FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER – Which is Superman and which is Bizzaro between North Carolina and Colorado?
Myron Pitts – In the comic books, Superman has an opposite personality called Bizarro.

He is dressed like Superman but is irregularly shaped – he looks like the Man of Steel if he were viewed through a fun-house mirror. His world outlook is similarly distorted, when compared to Superman’s. He comes from a planet that is the rough opposite of Superman’s reality.


Clay Pittman
North Carolina Democratic Party
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