NCDP Clips for May 1, 2013

  • Rep. Mel Watt gets the nod for NC"s 2nd presidential appointment in 3 days. NCGA Rep. Larry Pittman (no relation!) expresses the right’s frustration with Speaker Tillis. Wednesday’s Clips:


POLITICO – Mel Watt tapped to lead Fannie, Freddie regulator

President Barack Obama on Wednesday will nominate Rep. Mel Watt for a key housing position, but his chances of confirmation face long odds as Republicans and the administration continue to sharply disagree over what to do with bailed out mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER – North Carolina Senate panel approves consumer loan bill
North Carolina’s installment loan industry would be able to charge higher interest rates for many customers and more fees in a bill that cleared a Senate panel Tuesday despite arguments from consumer advocates the bill would put more borrowers deeper in debt.

CBS CHARLOTTE – Gender-Based Abortion Limit Considered By NC House
Republicans at the North Carolina legislature are resuming efforts to limit abortions with a bill that seeks to punish doctors when the child’s sex is the primary factor in having the procedure.

NEWS & OBSERVER – Hager’s bill to end NC’s renewables policy refuses to die
Meet the bill with nine lives – and twice as many votes cast against it.
Lawmakers on Wednesday could once again attempt to end a state renewables policy whose proponents say has elevated North Carolina to the nation’s fifth-largest developer of solar farms.

WRAL – Fewer children may be eligible for NC Pre-K
A bill that passed the House Health Committee Tuesday would tighten eligibility rules for NC Pre-K, the state’s free program for at-risk 4-year-olds.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER – NC House Republican frustrated about Tillis
A social conservative in the North Carolina House has publicly expressed frustration with Speaker Thom Tillis and other Republican leaders over how they’ve handled some legislation.

NEWS & OSBSERVER – Karl Rove to speak at N.C. Republican Party convention in Charlotte
GOP uber-strategist and TV pundit Karl Rove will address the N.C. Republican Party convention in June.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER – Emails show that state attorney thought Dorothea Dix lease needed a second vote
The N.C. Attorney General’s staff had “strong misgivings” about parts of Raleigh’s Dorothea Dix property lease and suggested that the agreement might need a second vote from the Council of State, according to email records released Tuesday.


NEWS & OSBERVER – New elections board starts amid questions about campaign donations
A new GOP-majority state elections board takes office Wednesday as new details raise deeper questions about $240,000 in campaign contributions funneled to the governor and top Republican lawmakers from the sweepstakes gambling industry.

POLITICAL WIRE – Democrats Lead in Generic Congressional Ballot
A new Quinnipiac poll finds American voters, by a slim margin, say they are more likely to vote Democratic than Republican for Congress in 2014 — 41% to 37% — "which would violate the historical model of the president’s party losing ground in the sixth year of a presidency."

WFMY – Southern Democrat Fighting Conservative Tide, Kay Hagan
For decades, Republicans have been unrelenting in taking congressional seats away from Democrats in the South.
And in 2014, three of the six Senate seats in the South still in Democratic hands in North Carolina, Arkansas and Louisiana will be on the line, political analysts say, with all signs suggesting those incumbents will be buffeted by significant political headwinds


Clay Pittman
North Carolina Democratic Party
Twitter: @ClayPittman