NCDP CLIPS FOR June 27, 2014


June 27, 2014


New poll gives Hagan a 6-point lead against Tillis in Senate race: The National Research poll for the Civitas Institute put Hagan at 42 percent and Tillis at 36 percent with Libertarian Sean Haugh at 9 percent. The margin-of-error for the poll was plus-or-minus 4 percent and it was conducted June 18, 19 and 22. It is the second poll this month that has appeared deadlocked for months. Read more here.

Where is Thom Tillis?: Read more here.

Karl Rove and the Modern Money Machine: Tillis, a once-obscure state House speaker, is now one of Rove’s prize horses in the national money derby; Crossroads spent more than $1.6 million on advertising boosting Tillis’ primary campaign and later unveiled a $3.6 million ad campaign attacking Hagan. “Our advertising was terrific,” Rove declared on the call, and Tillis gave credit to Crossroads for his victory, saying in his smooth drawl that the group’s “contribution can’t be overstated.” Read more here.


Lawmakers take a day off from the standoff: House speaker Thom Tillis and Gov. Pat McCrory are worried about not being able to establish a budget on time for teachers and school systems before the new school year starts. However, the risk of “being in the hole” next year due to Medicaid’s “unrealistic” budget concern is causing the Senate to slam on the brakes. After an intense day at the capitol and much heated talk about working on through to Saturday to resolve these issues, they have decided to readjourn Monday morning. Read more here.

Passage of marijuana oil bill symbolizes hope for family of child with seizures: Zora Carlin’s parents cried and prayed when she had her first seizure at 6 months old. Zora, now 5, has up to 60 seizures a day, which have slowed her development and could kill her. On Thursday, tears and uncertainty turned to joy when Zora’s parents learned that Gov. Pat McCrory will sign a measure legalizing the use of CBD oil to treat seizures. Read more here.


Obama Dismisses Boehner Lawsuit As Nothing More Than A ‘Stunt’: "The suit is a stunt,” Obama said in an interview with ABC’s "Good Morning America." In a memo addressed to his colleagues on Wednesday, Boehner officially announced he would introduce legislation in the coming weeks that would authorize the House General Counsel to sue the Obama administration and "compel" the president to enforce existing law. Read more here.

How immigration reform died: The story was now about infighting between Obama and activists rather than the House Republicans refusing to take up a bill. “If you take the pressure off of them and put it on me, you’ll guarantee that there is no legislation,” he warned. Immigration reform’s slow but steady failure exposes how an ideologically diverse and powerful network of supporters couldn’t bend the one group that mattered: House Republicans. Proponents turned their attention late to the House because of a longer-than-expected Senate debate, and once they did, the GOP’s political will had faded and hard-liners made inroads with newer lawmakers that were difficult to reverse, according to interviews with several dozen key participants on both sides of the battle. Read more here.

Why Tennessee is the most corrupt state in the union: As Governing magazine reports, the researchers document that the most corrupt states like Tennessee “tended to spend money on construction, highways, and police protection programs, which provide more opportunity for corrupt officials to use public money for their own gain.” Governing adds that those “states spend less on health, education, and welfare, which provide less opportunity for officials to collect bribes.” Read more here.

O’Connor: Democrats, democracy suffering: That Republicans express disdain for the Democratic Party is not unexpected. That they refuse to refer to it by its proper name, instead calling it the “Democrat Party,” is just rather childish. Read more here.


Worst-case scenario under Army realignment shows Bragg shrinking, affecting local economy: Under a worst-case scenario, Fort Bragg could lose 16,000 soldiers and defense civilians by 2020, causing a huge hit to the local economy.The projections released Thursday are part of an Army review of possible force structure realignments and cuts made necessary by a shrinking defense budget.The assessment for Fort Bragg shows "significant" damage to the region’s economy, said Michael Walden, an economist at North Carolina State University. Read more here.

Affordable Care Act alters WNC health landscape: Just as the Affordable Care Act changed the way people get insurance, other Obamacare provisions increasingly are altering the way the nation’s health care industry controls costs. Much of that involves financial incentives to keep people healthy and out of the hospital, leading Mission Health, the Mountain Area Health Education Center and a group of independent doctors to form an entity called an accountable care organization. Read more here.

Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. Named NNPA Interim President and CEO: Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. a global business leader, educator, and longtime civil rights activist, was elected interim president and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association at the group’s annual meeting here Wednesday, NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell has announced. Read more here.

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