NCDP CLIPS FOR July 28, 2014


July 28, 2014


Koch-friend Thom Tillis replenishes his stash: Roll Call has the scoop on Freedom Partners — aka the Kochs’ “secret bank” — snatching up almost $3 million in airtime in North Carolina for next month, all benefiting Thom Tillis’ campaign. Not ones to be left out of a political spending spree, individual members of the Koch family have maxed out personal donations to Tillis’ campaign, per the News & Observer. Read more here.

Fact Check: Karl Rove Back to Distract from Speaker Tillis’ Disastrous Economic Record: The ad ignores the fact that Speaker Tillis irresponsibly supported the government shutdown, and would have voted to let our country default on our obligations by opposing the bipartisan compromise to re-open the government. A default crisis would have had disastrous implications on our economy. Kay as well as Republican Senator Richard Burr and business groups supported the bipartisan compromise that saved our economy from disaster. Read more here.


Budget writers reach agreement on framework: Top leaders in the House and Senate say they have agreed to the framework that will allow them to complete a budget deal in the coming week – a month behind schedule. According to multiple sources, the $21 billion spending plan will provide slightly more than a 7 percent pay raise for public school teachers. Read more here.

Charter school bill loses LGBT protections: Changes to the state’s charter school laws are headed to the governor’s desk – without a section banning discrimination against gay and lesbian children and families. Critics of Senate Bill 793 also warned it could leave the door open for nepotism and corruption by leaders of for-profit charter schools. Read more here.

State tax cut costs ballooning: New figures from legislative analysts confirm the 2013 cut to individual income tax rates is costing the state far more than originally projected. Last year, Republican leaders authored a plan to cut income taxes from a three-tiered marginal system of 6 percent, 7 percent and 7.75 percent to a flat rate of 5.8 percent for 2014 tax year. Read more here.

N.C. Senate hopes to drive more rural job growth with new Job Catalyst Fund: The Job Catalyst Fund is geared to promote projects in the state’s less-developed counties with money to be made available for smaller projects at lower salaries and a lower local matching grant required from 40 “economically distressed” counties. Projects must also meet minimum requirements for pay and health insurance to receive a grant. Read more here.

N.C. Film Office on track to grow revenue, productions from last year: Just six months into the year, the N.C. Film Office has seen $268 million in in-state spending and nearly 19,000 job opportunities. Last year, the industry pulled in $254 million from more than 60 productions. Read more here.


The One Number That Will Decide This Year’s Election: For the past decade, the working-class vote has determined whether the country swung toward Democrats or Republicans. In a new Pew survey released Thursday, 45 percent of Republican voters said they were unusually excited to vote this year, compared to 37 percent of Democratic supporters. Read more here.

House Votes To Boost Well-Off Kids, Cut Out Poor Kids: The House of Representatives voted Friday to change a tax credit in a way that would add $115 billion to the deficit and hurt poorer parents while aiding the well-to-do. Read more here.


Raleigh councilman turns in neighbors under controversial parking ban: Two years ago, Raleigh City Councilman Thomas Crowder spearheaded an effort to ban front-yard parking in his district. These days, he’s filing dozens of complaints to make sure parking scofflaws are held accountable. Read more here.

Belhaven mayor wraps march to DC to save hospital: A North Carolina mayor fighting to reopen a hospital in his rural North Carolina town is finishing his protest march to the nation’s capital. Belhaven Mayor Adam O’Neal expects to complete his march Monday in Washington, D.C. He met last week in Richmond, Virginia, with Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Neither state has expanded Medicaid under the federal health care overhaul law, something O’Neal blames for his local hospital closing. Read more here.

Progress buying back shares in power plants from eastern NC towns for $1.2B: Duke Energy Progress will buy back ownership shares of five power plants from 32 eastern North Carolina towns for $1.2 billion, erasing much of the crippling debt that has forced residents of those towns to pay the state’s steepest power bills for decades. Read more here.