NCDP CLIPS FOR July 2, 2014


July 2, 2014

With Tropical Storm Arthur heading toward the NC coast, NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin strongly encourages citizens to be best prepared by following tips at his website, today.


Democrats: Hobby Lobby ruling could boost 2014 hopes: Democrats may be decrying the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, but the party’s campaign strategists believe they can use it to their benefit in this year’s midterm elections. Despite the legal setback for Obamacare, the strategists hope the ruling will boost Democrats’ efforts to keep the Senate by persuading some Republican-leaning women to defect in states with competitive races while galvanizing younger women who typically don’t vote in midterms. Read more here.

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McCrory defends employment nondiscrimination order that leaves out LGBT workers: Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday defended an executive order he signed this week that granted workplace protections against discrimination to a number of state workers but left out those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered. Read more here.

McCrory offers teachers bonuses, asks them to lobby Senate: The Senate refused to even debate the mini-budget on Monday, using a parliamentary maneuver to send it back to the House for reconsideration. McCrory said Tuesday morning that the mini-budget deserves a Senate vote, and he urged teachers to lobby senators to take up the proposal. Read more here.

McCrory says he is ‘happy’ to speak to controversial group of lawmakers: Gov. Pat McCrory will be among several of the speakers during this summer’s American Legislative Exchange Council conference at the end of this month. McCrory said he has no concerns about speaking to the group. Read more here.

How North Carolina’s GOP Undid 50 Years of Progress in Less Than 5: Until Republicans took control, the state had long been known as an outpost of Southern progressivism. This year’s elections may indicate whether the state’s shift to the hard right is in step with most voters. Read more here.


Judge Strikes Down Kentucky’s Gay Marriage Ban: A federal judge has struck down Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage, ruling that gay couples have the right to marry in the Bluegrass State. Read more here.

White House: No regrets on waiting for GOP: The White House offered little new insight into what executive actions Obama will undertake. Earnest would say only that Obama “wants to do everything that he can to fix as many problems as he can, stipulating that … he doesn’t have the authority to do as much that legislation would do.” Read more here.

Obamas gave back $20K during sequester: President Obama followed through on his promise to donate part of his paycheck back to the federal government to back workers who had their pay cut, returning $20,000 to the government.Obama made the pledge in solidarity with government workers furloughed because of automatic spending cuts. Furloughed workers had to accept days away from work without pay. Read more here.

Karl Rove and the Modern Money Machine: The nation was in crisis, and it was shaping up to be the best thing that had happened to Karl Rove all year. On October 2, 2013, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders were meeting at the White House into the evening, desperately trying to come to a deal to end the government shutdown, then in its second full day. Read more here.

Supreme Court Justices Looked to Personal Views Rather Than Legal Arguments for Hobby Lobby Decision: The justices would have you believe their choices were limited by prior law, but that is simply false. On issues of race, religion, politics, and technology, the court made decisions that will seriously affect how Americans define themselves as a country and which reflect the justices’ overall value systems much more than their legal perspectives. Read more here.

What Every Governor Really Believes About Climate Change, In One Handy Map: With all the recent talk at the federal level about the EPA’s proposed carbon regulations for new and existing power plants, it’s easy to forget about the executives that have front row seats to cutting American carbon pollution. And though climate deniers run rampant through the halls of Congress, a new analysis from the CAP Action War Room reveals that half of America’s Republican governors agree with the anti-science caucus of Congress. Read more here.


Anti-gay activists targeting Durham Public Main Library over tonight’s “History and the Art of Drag”: A group of “concerned Christian clergy, community leaders and lay ministers” in the Triangle are asking people to pray at the Durham County Main Library tonight in response to a talk about drag shows and a scheduled drag performance. Read more here.

Bacon Academy management company earns millions from schools: Two of the schools paid Roger Bacon Academy nearly $2.4 million in management fees and incentives for the 2013-14 school year… The third school’s $60,000 management fee was waived amid a state investigation into low enrollment. Because Roger Bacon and Coastal Habitat are private, for-profit businesses, their representatives have said they are not legally obligated to provide financial documentation or clarity about their spending of public money. Read more here.