NCDP CLIPS FOR July 1, 2014


July 1, 2014


Reaping what he sowed: The Tillis gender gap: There’s a gaping gender gap that Tillis will have to close if he hopes to unseat Hagan. Can you say GOTV, anyone? Read more here.

Tillis, Hagan differ on Hobby Lobby ruling: The candidates in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race, Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis and Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan were divided on Monday in their reactions to the Supreme Court ruling on birth control. Read more here.

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Senate swats House ‘plan B’ budget: Last week, members of the House voted to try to break a budget stalemate by sending over a slimmed-down spending plan that raised teacher salaries and addressed a few other key budget priorities. That “mini-budget” plan won the backing of Gov. Pat McCrory. But when Senate Bill 3 came to the Senate floor Monday night, senators stamped it “return to sender” without a vote or much debate. Read more here.

Fracking in NC likely to produce little gas, lots of destruction: The total area of shales in our state is tiny compared with other areas in the U.S. and other countries in the world. Nothing is going to change that fact. It’s also the reason big companies aren’t paying attention to North Carolina. Read more here.

House OKs remote testimony, but no funding: House lawmakers gave final approval Monday to a measure that would allow State Crime Lab analysts to testify via videoconferencing, but the bill includes no money to pay for the technology. Read more here.


Some Companies Can Refuse To Cover Contraception, Supreme Court Says: The Supreme Court has ruled that family owned and other closely held companies can opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions for no-cost prescription contraception in most health insurance if they have religious objections. Read more here.

It’s Not Just Hobby Lobby: These 71 Companies Don’t Want to Cover Your Birth Control Either: Since February 2012, 71 other for-profit companies have challenged the ACA’s contraceptive mandate in court, according to the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC). The majority of these for-profit cases (46 in addition to Hobby Lobby’s) are still pending. Read more here.

Obama to take action after Boehner kills immigration reform: President Obama announced on Monday that he would take unilateral action to revamp American immigration policies after being told by Speaker John Boehner that House Republicans will not pass legislation addressing the issue this year. Read more here.

With Rainbow Neckerchiefs, Celebrating Pride and Progress at Parade: The color guard leading the annual Gay Pride March down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Sunday carried flags of sky blue, navy blue, red-white-and-blue and rainbow. But, for these marchers, the colors that mattered most were the ones they wore. Khaki shirts, olive pants and rainbow neckerchiefs: the Boy Scout uniform, pride-style — a uniform that had never been seen on a group of marchers in New York City’s pride parade before. Read more here.

Supreme Court deals blow to organized labor: The Supreme Court dealt a blow to public sector unions Monday, ruling that thousands of home health care workers in Illinois cannot be required to pay fees that help cover the union’s costs of collective bargaining. In a 5-4 split along ideological lines, the justices said the practice violates the First Amendment rights of nonmembers who disagree with the positions that unions take. Read more here.

Six Groups Other Than Women On Birth Control Who Have Something To Lose In Hobby Lobby: In just a few hours, the Supreme Court is expected to complete its current term, and the justices will each head off to three months of vacation before the Court reconvenes next October. Before then the justices must resolve two cases, a case that threatens the very existence of many public sector unions, and the Hobby Lobby litigation seeking to immunize employers from laws their owners object to on religious grounds. Read more here.

Marriage equality will lead to sisters marrying sisters: An attorney running for Wisconsin’s Third U.S. Congressional seat told a ‘Meet the Candidate’ forum that she believes marriage equality will lead to legal incestuous marriages. Karen Mueller, of Chippewa Falls, decried a recent federal ruling striking down Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban and warned of sisters marrying each other, according to the Tomah Journal. Read more here.

U.S. Senator Agrees With Supreme Court Decision Because Women Use Birth Control ‘Largely For Recreational Behavior’: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) agreed on Monday that women use birth control to protect themselves from “recreational behavior,” just hours after the Supreme Court ruled that some companies can refuse to provide health insurance coverage that includes contraceptive services. Read more here.

ALEC’s Keynote Speaker in Dallas: NC Gov. Pat McCrory: Direct from ALEC to you. Check out the Opening Day Agenda to see the Keynote Speaker–North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. You’ll find the rest of the page interesting also. Read more here.


Raleigh looks to ban vehicle signs: City leaders will take up a proposal Tuesday to ban parked vehicles used to advertise businesses. The measure aims to close what some see as a loophole in Raleigh’s sign restrictions. Read more here.

New laws take effect July 1: A number of new laws go into effect Tuesday, from inmate healthcare to clinical chiropractic standards. Read more here.

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