NCDP Clips for January 27, 2014

NCDP Clips

January 27, 2014


Koch Brothers’ Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both Parties’ Spending: The political network overseen by the conservative billionaires Charles G. and David H. Koch plans to spend close to $900 million on the 2016 campaign, an unparalleled effort by coordinated outside groups to shape a presidential election that is already on track to be the most expensive in history. Read more here.

GOP lawmaker: Minimum wage is for teenagers and minorities: Here’s California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock explaining why he wants to keep the minimum wage at a poverty level out of compassion and concern for workers. Watch here.

No snow days for low-wage workers: A massive disruption like a blizzard hits low-wage employees hardest, said Amy Traub, senior policy analyst at liberal think tank Demos. “There is no working from home if you’re a sales associate or if you’re a cashier. If they can’t get to work because of weather, you miss a paycheck. If the store closes early or works with a skeleton staff, you miss a paycheckE” Read more here.

Super Bowl for the Rich: Upper-Class 91, Middle-Class 9: Just 10 percent of Americans own 91 percent of the nation’s stocks and mutual funds, according to economist Edward Wolff. Most of the remainder is held by a “middle class” that is steadily losing ground. The bottom 60 percent is almost entirely shut out. Read more here.

After forging her path from N.C. to Brooklyn, Lynch is poised to become attorney general: If confirmed, Lynch, 55, will be the first U.S. attorney to become attorney general in modern history. From her office in Brooklyn, where she supervises 170 lawyers, she would be moving to Washington to oversee 116,000 full-time employees, a $27 billion budget and a department that is often a lightning rod on Capitol Hill. Read more here.

Senate Democrats Payback GOP Obstruction With First Successful Filibuster Of Keystone XL: The bill to authorize the construction of the pipeline will eventually pass, but Democrats are sending a message to McConnell and the Republicans that they are going to hold McConnell to his word that the Senate will be run by an open process. Read more here.

North Carolina

The Great State Of North Carolina Plunges Deeper Into Offshore Wind Energy: North Carolina is forging ahead with plans to hop on the East Coast offshore wind energy bandwagon — not that the state’s lawmakers have any choice in the matter. The Interior Department has been leasing large swaths of federal waters for offshore wind development, and North Carolina just happens to be one in a series. Read more here.

Report: NC, Volvo in talks on auto plant: Volvo is said to be looking at North Carolina – and any incentives it might get – for a plant as the Swedish car maker angles for a resurgence in the United States, according a report Wednesday in the British newspaper Financial Times. Read more here.

How much more expensive is child care in N.C. compared to public college tuition?: A report in Forbes shows that the average cost of child care in North Carolina is higher than attending public college. Read more here.

Credit union displays highlight NC foster children in need of homes: For the next seven months, visitors to State Employees Credit Union branches across the state will see displays featuring the photos of children in foster care in North Carolina who are looking for permanent homes. Read more here.


Female vet shamed in parking lot plans touching response: A Wilmington veteran whose outrage over a note left on her car has touching plans for what she will do with a gift certificate from the supermarket where it happened. Read more here.

Wake County leaders say property-tax increase needed: Wake County leaders signaled Monday that additional revenue from a property-tax increase will likely be needed soon to help keep up with population growth that is filling schools and stretching county services. Read more here.

NC Film Office opens enrollment for new $10 million grant program: Film and TV productions can now apply to the state’s film grant program, officially ushering in what will be a new era for the North Carolina film industry. On Monday, the Department of Commerce, along with the NC Film Office, opened enrollment in the $10 million grant program and began accepting online applications. Read more here.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus riders facing more crowded seats, longer rides: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has assigned more students to buses and increased their time on the road to deal with a budget cut. Read more here.