NCDP Clips for January 22, 2014

NCDP Clips

January 22, 2014


Shy of votes, House GOP drops planned vote on abortion bill
With thousands of anti-abortion protesters in town, Republicans are ready to push legislation through the House designed to please them. But it’s not the bill an embarrassed GOP was hoping for. Read more here.

Sen. Richard Burr wants CIA torture report copies returned
Before Republicans took over the U.S. Senate, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein sent copies of an internal CIA report on torture to various agencies within the Obama administration. Now Sen. Richard Burr wants the copies back. According to The New York Times, Burr – the new chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee – sent the White House a letter demanding that the documents be “returned immediately.” Read more here.

President Obama: Time to help the middle class (with NC Congressional Reactions)
President Barack Obama worked to frame his final years in office Tuesday as a time of national recovery from unpopular wars and deep recession, striving now to help a middle class left behind by an otherwise growing economy. Read more here.

Jon Stewart Savages GOP’s Deadpan Reaction To State Of The Union (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart was hardly able to contain his rage on Wednesday night as he tore into Republicans for blowing off the "good news" in the President’s State of the Union address. Read more here.

North Carolina

Folt: Accreditation review gave UNC-CH chance to study academic changes

Chancellor Carol Folt said Wednesday that answering questions from an accreditation organization has given University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill officials a chance to examine reforms the school put in place in the wake of an academic fraud scandal. Read more here.

NC community colleges sharpen focus on graduating more students

After five decades of opening their doors widely to students, North Carolina community colleges have a sharper focus now on getting them out the door with career-enhancing degrees and certificates. Read more here.

Teacher compensation top 2015 issue for NC Public School Forum

Teacher compensation was the top item in the Public School Forum of North Carolina’s Top 10 Education Issues for 2015 report released Wednesday. Keith Poston, the Raleigh education think tank’s executive director, pointed to how the average salary for North Carolina’s teachers had dropped 14.7 percent from 1999 to 2013. He said that while the 2014 raises approved by the General Assembly were a step in the right direction, teacher compensation remains the state’s top education issue because there is so much more to be done. Read more here.

State Sen. Earline Parmon to resign

A state senator who serves Winston-Salem has announced she will resign next week. Sen. Earline Parmon announced Wednesday that she is stepping down Jan. 28 to join the staff of new U.S. Rep. Alma Adams as director of outreach. Read more here.


Sea-level rise policy top priority for coastal regulators
After political support eroded the first time around, North Carolina’s coastal regulators are again trying to develop a sea-level rise policy that can navigate the choppy waters between science and skepticism. Whether this latest attempt leads to the implementation of adaptation measures, such as limiting development in vulnerable coastal areas or increasing setback requirements for oceanfront properties, remains to be seen. Read more here.