NCDP Clips for January 16, 2014

NCDP Clips

January 16, 2014


Pelosi Statement on President’s Proposals to Strengthen Working Families: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after the President announced proposals to strengthen working families with legislation to advance paid sick leave and paid family and medical leave for all Americans. The President also directed federal agencies to advance up to six weeks of paid sick leave for parents with a new child. Read more here.

Rand Paul looks to ‘dissolve’ the United Nations: As the 2016 presidential race starts to slowly take shape, one of the background questions has focused on Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). The question isn’t whether he intends to run – it seems pretty obvious that he will kick off a campaign – but rather whether the Republican senator will temper some of his more eccentric instincts. Read more here.

Joni Ernst To Deliver GOP Response To 2015 State Of The Union Address: Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) will deliver the GOP response to President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced at the House and Senate GOP retreat in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Read more here.

A new bill could mark the beginning of the end of the Common Core: Congress is set to rewrite the laws governing the nation’s schools this year, and the Common Core might turn into a history lesson. Read more here.

Federal Judge Orders Michigan To Recognize 300 Same-Sex Marriages: Three hundred Michigan same-sex couples have a “fundamental right” for their marriages to be legal, a federal judge ruled after the state refused to recognize the unions. Read more here.

2014 Was the Hottest Year on Record: Deny this. The animation shows the Earth’s warming climate, recorded in monthly measurements from land and sea over 135 years. Temperatures are displayed in degrees above or below the 20th-century average. Thirteen of the 14 hottest years are in the 21st century. See it here.

North Carolina

Former Sen. Kay Hagan heads to Harvard on fellowship: After her narrow loss to Republican Thom Tillis in November, former Sen. Kay Hagan will be spending the next few months at Harvard. Read more here.

NC Panel Identifies Top Priorities For Revising Common Core Standards: At a meeting Monday, they said they want to focus on increasing flexibility for teachers and school districts, rewriting the standards so they’re clear and understandable, and identifying standards that are developmentally inappropriate. Read more here.

Despite claims, GOP policies aren’t spurring the NC economy: Phil Berger, freshly re-elected as the state Senate’s president pro tem, opened the new legislative session this week with a political version of an old fallacy: The sun rises because the rooster crows about tax cuts. Read more here.


Shaffer: Farewell to Raleigh’s leprechaun, Santa, yodeler: However you choose to remember Pete, who died of a heart attack at age 74, do it with the verve and big-heartedness of a man too spunky for just one holiday, too colorful for a single stage. Read more here.

Kane proposes new development for downtown Raleigh: Raleigh developer John Kane, best known for revitalizing North Hills, is proposing a major renovation in the corner of downtown Raleigh where Dillon Supply was once housed. Read more here.

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Could Duke Energy’s coal ash be headed to a mine near you?: A Duke Energy contractor is seeking permission from North Carolina regulators to move millions of tons of coal ash from existing dumpsites at the utility giant’s power plants and place it in abandoned clay mines in Lee and Chatham counties. Read more here.