NCDP Clips for Friday, June 12th, 2015

NCDP Clips for Friday, June 12th, 2015

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North Carolina Allows Officials to Refuse to Perform Gay Marriages (New York Times) — The Republican-controlled House overrode a veto to enact a law allowing court officials with a “sincerely held religious objection” to opt out of performing same-sex marriages.

Fresh evidence that marriage equality is still under attack (Orange County [Calif.] Register) — June 12 is “Loving Day,” the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s unanimous 1967 decision in Loving v. Virginia that legalized interracial marriage across the nation by declaring that anti-miscegenation laws violated the Constitution’s 14th Amendment. Thursday, the Republican-controlled North Carolina state House followed the state Senate’s lead and overrode a veto of Senate Bill 2, making it law.

House Overrides Gov. McCrory’s Veto On Same-Sex Marriage Exemption Bill (WUNC-FM) — The N.C. House of Representatives voted Thursday to override Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of Senate Bill 2, though no real debate was allowed. The bill – which is now law – permits magistrates and county register of deeds employees to exempt themselves from offering same-sex marriage duties because of "sincerely held religious" objections.

N. C. gay-marriage law may mean long courthouse waits (AP) — Under a law that took effect Thursday in North Carolina, employees who issue marriage licenses can refuse to complete paperwork for gay couples by invoking their religious beliefs — a move that could mean longer waits at courthouses for all those who want to wed, especially in rural counties with small staffs.

Area registers of deeds react to Religious Freedom Law (WWAY-TV) — A bill that allows court officials to refuse to perform gay marriage responsibilities because of their religious beliefs has become law in our state. New Hanover County Register of Deeds Tammy Beasley said this law doesn’t change anything in her office. “It’s a non-issue in this office,” Beasley said. “Everyone in Vital Records including myself are happy to help everyone that comes through our doors.” Kandance Bullock, the Columbus County Register of Deeds expressed similar beliefs.

Local officials unlikely to refuse gay marriages (Shelby Star) — Lawmakers gave some court officials in North Carolina a way out of performing gay marriage duties because of their religious beliefs. But it may not make much of an immediate difference in Cleveland and Gaston counties. Court officials in both Cleveland and Gaston counties said no magistrates have asked to exempt themselves from performing civil marriage ceremonies.

Groups Have Mixed Reaction to SB2 Veto Override (TWCN-TV) — After a 69-41 vote to override the veto of Senate Bill 2 in the North Carolina House Thursday, magistrates and some Register of Deeds workers can now opt out of performing marriages, if they have a strong religious objection. Several advocacy groups spoke out after the vote.

McCrory says Senate Bill 2 merely “symbolic issue” (McCrory News Release) – Gov. Pat McCrory released the following statement regarding Senate Bill 2: "It’s a disappointing day for the rule of law and the process of passing legislation in North Carolina. I will continue to stand up for conservative principles that respect and obey the oath of office for public officials across our state and nation. While some people inside the beltline are focusing on symbolic issues, I remain focused on the issues that are going to have the greatest impact on the next generation such as creating jobs, building roads, strengthening education and improving our quality of life


Senate sales tax hike to cost Meck residents millions so rich get tax cut (Charlotte Observer) — Mecklenburg County lawmakers say local taxpayers could be hit hard by a Senate proposal that would shift millions in sales tax revenue from urban to rural counties.

NC Senate proposes income tax cut, sales tax increase (Asheville Citizen-Times) – Average North Carolinians will pay more of their income at the cash register when they buy things so the rick pay less of their income when they file their income tax returns under a tax proposal rolled out by the state Senate’s Republican leadership this week.

Possum exemption, graffiti bills signed into law (WRAL-TV) — No wildlife regulations apply to possums for five days each year, repeated acts of graffiti can result in a felony charge and sitting North Carolina Supreme Court justices can avoid re-election challenges under bills signed into law Thursday by Gov. Pat McCrory.

Senate clears elections bills, delays final vote on environmental rules (WRAL-TV) – -Members of the state Senate gave tentative approval to a bill that would call for smaller or no buffers around the Neuse and Tar rivers. Critics say this could lead to more pollution in the Pamlico Sound.

Bill on Duke Energy’s Asheville natural gas plant heads to McCrory (Charlotte Business Journal) — A bill meant to let Duke Energy replace its Asheville coal plant with a cleaner natural gas facility has finished its whirlwind trip through the N.C. General Assembly and is headed to Gov. Pat McCrory. The state House made short work of adopting the Mountain Energy Act 107-0 on two votes Thursday. The measure then went back to the Senate for concurrence on some minor changes made by the House a day earlier, and it passed 47-0.

House to UNC: Push some to community college (Durham Herald-Sun) — An admission letter from the UNC system’s 16 campuses could come with a big caveat starting in the 2016-17 school year, if the N.C. House gets its way.

Billy Richardson says he wants state Rep. Rick Glazier’s job (Fayetteville Observer) — Fayetteville lawyer Billy Richardson says he would be willing to serve if tapped to succeed soon-to-be-retiring state Rep. Rick Glazier. "I’ve paid a lot of dues and worked very hard for the party," said Richardson, a 60-year-old Democrat. "And I have a clear vision to help bring the Democratic Party back into the mainstream party and back into a position to influence policy in the state again."

Good Samaritan Update On Its Way to McCrory (N.C. Health News) — Gov. McCrory could soon sign a bill that makes changes to North Carolina’s Good Samaritan Law – changes supporters hope will save lives.

HB 263 could change structure of Greensboro City Council if passed — Whether the Greensboro City Council will be restructured could be decided as soon as next week by the N.C. House. But no debate or changes will be allowed on what has become a controversial issue.


Was Wall Street Journal’s tax cut payoff in North Carolina column fiction? (Triad Business Journal) — A recent Wall Street Journal column by the Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore claimed that North Carolina’s cuts in income-tax rates have invigorated the state economy and created a budget surplus.

NC lawmakers defy the governor and the law on same-sex marriage (Raleigh News & Observer) – -The GOP-led General Assembly rejected their governor’s veto to legalize prejudice.

Probation is sad verdict for UNC-CH (Raleigh News & Observer) — An accrediting agency’s decision to place UNC-CH on probation for failing to maintain academic integrity strikes deeper than an NCAA sanction.

One NC woman’s unforgivable quest for a photo ID (Raleigh News & Observer column) — Gene Nichol: The required gauntlet that Sallly Robare must pass to acquire a photo ID to vote with in North Carolina is an outrage to the US Constitution. Recall that even a $2 poll tax is prohibited.

Rule of law loses (Greensboro News & Record) The N.C. House completes the override of Gov. McCrory’s SB 2 veto. The law now allows for less than equal treatment.