NCDP Clips for Friday, February 15, 2013


WRAL – Lewis calls Medicaid vote "a plea for help"
Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, was the only Republican to vote against the bill banning the expansion of Medicaid Thursday.
Lewis, who voted against the measure on second reading Wednesday, is no fan of the Affordable Care Act. He said he agrees, in principle, with much of what his GOP colleagues said about the bill and said expanding a troubled state Medicaid system would pose problems.
Lewis described his third reading vote against the measure as "a plea for help for rural health care."

THE ROCKY MOUNT TELEGRAM – Refusal to health care law mnears McCrory’s desk
Legislation to prevent North Carolina from accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid and run an online marketplace for private health insurance policies could soon be ready for Gov. Pat McCrory’s signature.
The House gave final approval Thursday to legislation that declines participation in portions of the federal Affordable Care Act by a largely party-line vote of 75-42. The chamber gave initial approval Wednesday. The measure now returns to the Senate, which approved a slightly different version last week.

THE PROGRESSIVE PULSE – Opponents of Medicaid bill to rally, deliver petitions at noon on Capitol grounds
A group of community leaders, advocates and Medicaid recipients will gather on the grounds of the state Capitol Building today at noon to call on newly-elected Governor McCrory to push back against the overreaching General Assembly and veto the bill which blocks Medicaid expansion in North Carolina.
“Not only are the Governor and the General Assembly making life needlessly difficult for low-income North Carolinians, but are also rejecting $15 billion for our economy at large,” said Kevin Rogers, Policy and Public Affairs Director for Action NC. “There is absolutely no logical reason to oppose this expansion.”

WRAL – House gives final OK to Medicaid, ‘red route’ bills
The state House on Thursday sent bills to the Senate that would block an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and allow transportation planners to study a controversial highway proposed in Garner. The House voted 75-42 to give final approval to Senate Bill 4. The Senate needs to agree to a minor change before sending the bill to Gov. Pat McCrory, who has said he plans to sign it.
"We’ve had what seems to be a concerted attack on the unemployed, uninsured and now even the poor," House Minority Leader Larry Hall said. "Are we letting politics get in the way of helping our citizens?" Hall, D-Durham, unsuccessfully tried to send the bill back to a committee for further study and refinement.


PORT CITY DAILY – McCrory requests federal partnership for offshore energy
The Obama administration should partner with North Carolina and its coastal neighbors in exploration for energy sources offshore, said a letter signed by Gov. Pat McCrory and counterparts Thursday.
McCrory along with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley wrote that as governors, “we strive to pursue policies that help create jobs and make energy more affordable while protecting our states’ natural resources.”

WRAL – McCrory seeks federal partnership in offshore energy
Gov. Pat McCrory joined the governors from South Carolina and Virginia on Thursday to request that the federal government partner with the three states to expand off-shore oil and gas exploration.
The three governors sent a letter to Sally Jewel, President Barack Obama’s nominee as the next Department of Interior secretary, saying that they hope she’s willing "to revise the Administration’s current policy to one that is committed to safely harnessing our coast’s vast natural resources."


THE DAILY TAR HEEL – Gov. Pat McCrory should understand the effects of cuts
Gov. Pat McCrory would do to well to come sip from the Old Well and get a taste of his state’s flagship University.
Last week, members of the faculty executive committee authored an open letter to the governor in response to his on-air remarks criticizing publicly funded liberal arts degrees.
The committee invited McCrory to visit the University and witness its strengths as a top public university, liberal arts classes and all.

WASHINGTON POST – Obama, winning the argument
In his bid to be remembered as a transformational leader, President Obama is following the playbook of an ideological opposite, Margaret Thatcher. First you win the argument, she used to say, then you win the vote.
Obama is gradually winning the argument about what government can and should do. His State of the Union address was an announcement of that fact — and a warning to conservatives that, to remain relevant, they will have to move beyond the premise that government is always the problem and never the solution.


Clay Pittman
Press Secretary
North Carolina Democratic Party
Twitter: @ClayPittman