NCDP CLIPS FOR August 5, 2014


August 5, 2014


The Senate 7: Democratic Control Hinges on the South: Democrats increasingly believe their key to holding on to the U.S. Senate this fall is to win at least one of the five competitive races in southern states. Flipping either Republican-controlled Kentucky or Georgia would be hot gravy. But their most likely path to survival looks to be grinding out victories in North Carolina and Louisiana, which each feature resilient female Democratic incumbents facing hardened challenges from mundane Republicans. Read more here.

Republicans Remain Slightly Favored To Take Control Of The Senate: I want to advance a cautionary note. It’s still early, and we should not rule out the possibility that one party could win most or all of the competitive races. Read more here.


McCrory now reading budget AFTER deciding to sign it: So if you are keeping score at home, McCrory announced Friday that he was proud to sign the budget that on Monday his staff admitted he still hadn’t read. That’s reassuring. Read more here.

Scorecard for NC legislative session: They cleared the way for fracking to become legal next year, causing anti-fracking advocates to say lawmakers reneged on their promise to vote on safety rules before the drilling starts. Lawmakers say they can still weigh in. Read more here.

Dems tap candidate for House District 25: Most people in the their 90s aren’t running for political office. Read more here.

NC state Sen. Thom Goolsby resigns seat early: A North Carolina state senator who didn’t seek re-election this year has decided to resign about five months before his two-year term was to expire. Republican Sen. Thom Goolsby of Wilmington wrote Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday announcing he was stepping down from his 9th District seat, effective immediately. Read more here.

New pay plan for NC teachers sows confusion: The new salary schedule has wrapped thousands of households in confusion, as teachers try to figure how much money they’ll make this year. Read more here.

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7 Primaries You Should Watch This Week: Since Congress has left town for its five-week recess and focus is turning elsewhere, this week’s elections across the country will be met with an even higher level of scrutiny. Six states have primaries over the course of six days: Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington on Tuesday; Tennessee on Thursday; and Hawaii on Saturday. Read more here.

S&P: Wealth gap is slowing US economic growth: Economists have long argued that a rising wealth gap has complicated the U.S. rebound from the Great Recession. Now, an analysis by the rating agency Standard & Poor’s lends its weight to the argument: The widening gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else has made the economy more prone to boom-bust cycles and slowed the 5-year-old recovery from the recession. Read more here.

Taking a Bullet, Gaining a Cause: James S. Brady Dies at 73: James S. Brady, the White House press secretary who was wounded in an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan and then became a symbol of the fight for gun control, championing tighter regulations from his wheelchair, died on Monday in Alexandria, Va. He was 73. Read more here.


Wake leaders vote down referendum to help fund teacher pay: The Wake County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday voted 4-2 against a proposed referendum on a one-quarter cent sales-tax increase that would help pay teacher salaries. Read more here.

Iredell commissioners consider school bonds referendum: Iredell County commissioners on Tuesday night will consider placing onto the November general election ballot a referendum on $163.5 million in school bonds. Read more here.

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