NCDP CLIPS FOR August 18, 2014

NCDP Clips

August 18, 2014


Senate spoilers: 6 states to watch for third-party candidates: Spoiler alert: As both Democrats Republicans calculate their odds of a Senate majority, several third party candidates are complicating their math. Popular dissatisfaction with both parties — and bitter campaigns that are driving up candidates’ negatives on both sides — have helped boost third-party candidates in a number of states into the high single digits. Read more here.

North Carolina

McCrory’s mishandling of his Duke stock: No conspiracy put Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, no conspiracy convicted Democratic Gov. Mike Easley of campaign finance irregularities. And, governor, no conspiracy made you hang on to a personal stake in a company you’re supposed to be regulating for the good of the state. Read more here.

Business recruitment stumbles in NC: Republicans took control of the General Assembly in 2011 promising to create a more attractive climate for business, but they have dismantled more than they’ve put in place for recruiting companies, and their conservative stands on social issues have dimmed the state’s appeal. Read more here.

Longtime legislator Alma Adams poised for next step: She started 30 years ago as a single mother who wanted to make the local school system better for her two kids. Now, she’s the second longest-serving female member of the North Carolina General Assembly. Read more here.

NC fracking hearings get under way Wednesday in Raleigh: With four upcoming public hearings across the state, the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission enters its final phase of rule-making, a culmination of two years of research, discussion and compromise. After public comments are analyzed, the fracking rules could be modified and will advance to the state legislature in January. Read more here.

Surprise! Last minute “regulatory reform” bill includes polluter wish list: According to environmental protection advocates who finally got a chance to begin reviewing the last minute conference committee report that emerged to Senate Bill 734 last night, the legislation contains at least a dozen gifts to industry. Many of the changes are technical, wonky and even minor on their own, but make no mistake, the cumulative effect will be to weaken environmental protection, hasten the development of more open land and wetlands and further imperil our increasingly fragile environment. Read more here.


Bush vs. Obama on the Economy. In 3 Simple Charts.: In the most recent CBS News poll, the public was split on which party will do a “better job” on the economy, with Democrats at 42% and Republicans at 41%. This should help break the tie. Read more here.

Candidate Can’t Explain His Position On Women’s Health, Forgets What Birth Control Is: At a political debate on Thursday night, a GOP candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives left the room laughing after he struggled to answer a question on his position on reproductive rights. Rep. Mike Coffman (R), who’s running for re-election in Colorado’s 6th congressional district, needed help from the crowd to remember what “birth control” is called. Read more here.

Starbucks’ New Schedule Policy May Not Be Enough For Struggling Parents: The company vowed to update its scheduling software to make employee hours more consistent, discourage managers from scheduling workers for back-to-back opening and closing shifts, post schedules a week in advance and let workers commuting more than one hour transfer to locations closer to their homes. Read more here.

Insight Kansas: GOP now presenting Barack-nado: While "Sharknado 2" opens next week — with a similar unbelievable storyline — Kansans are already familiar with our own improbable story, Barack-nado. To the GOP, President Barack Obama is more terrifying than land sharks. Read more here.


Craven school system prepares for possible loss of teacher assistants: According to Craven County School spokeswoman Jennifer Wagner, some 250 teacher assistant-type positions are vulnerable. That includes 58 teacher assistants working in Havelock area schools. Read more here.

Wake County Welcomes Millionth Resident: “There is, just got a little bit of everything that the people are looking, and we’re centrally located somewhat between the beach and the mountains, so there we have it.” Read more here.

Charlotte Pride Festival, parade filled with joy and pride: Thousands of people converged in uptown Charlotte on Sunday as part of the Charlotte Pride 2014 Festival and Parade. Read more here.

Former attorney for Wake school board dies: Ann Majestic, an attorney who represented the Wake County Board of Education during a contentious round of reassignment in 2010 and 2011, has died, according to her employer, Tharrington Smith. Read more here.

P. R. Latta: Profile from in 2010: I just got the word via Facebook that P. R. Latta has passed on today. I am sad to lose such a wonderful friend and Democratic warrior. I am updating this from 2010, when I did a long interview with P. R. by phone. Read more here.