NCDP Clips for April 29, 2013

  • Thank you to everyone for making this year’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner a success! Monday’s clips:


NEWS & OBSERVER – Democrats pay tribute to Jamie Hahn at J-J
The Democrats took time out to honor the Jamie Hahn at their Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner Saturday night in Raleigh.
The dinner was dedicated to Hahn, with a page in the eight-page program in memory of the young Democratic Party fund raiser who was slain earlier in the week.

ABC 11 – (Video) Jamie Hahn honored at Jefferson Jackson Dinner

NEWS & OBSERVER – Kay Hagan says legislative proposals range from laughable to dangerous
Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan took a shot at the Republican-controlled legislature Saturday night, saying they were doing damage to education from pre-K to the university system.

NEWS & OBSERVER – Democrats line up to whack GOP legislature
The Democrats played whack a mole with the GOP legislature at the Jefferson Jackson Day fund raising dinner at the Raleigh Convention Center Saturday night.
U.S. Sen. Mo Cowan of Massachusetts, a North Carolina native, said he could not believe some of the legislative proposals coming from the GOP legislature effecting voting. “Lincoln would be ashamed of this party,” said Cowan, one of two African-Americans serving in the Senate. Cowan said he had a hard time recognizing the state where he was born and raised during the past two years. “What is going in North Carolina?”


POLITICO – Rising star Anthony Foxx gets nod to replace Ray LaHood
Anthony Foxx, the fast-rising young mayor of Charlotte, N.C., will fill one of the last remaining slots in President Barack Obama’s second-term Cabinet when the president taps him to replace Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, an administration official confirmed to POLITICO on Sunday.

WASHINGTON POST – Obama taps Charlotte mayor to lead Transportation Department, official says
President Obama plans to nominate Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to serve as transportation secretary, a White House official said Sunday.


WRAL – McCrory appoints new elections board
Gov. Pat McCrory has appointed a new five-member State Board of Elections, who will inherit a nascent investigation into possibly illegal campaign donations to the governor and other top state leaders.

PR WATCH – Art Pope Groups Push Extreme ALEC Tax Agenda in North Carolina
An array of right-wing organizations in North Carolina are arguing loudly for Governor Pat McCrory to radically alter how corporations and people pay taxes in the state – and the not-so-hidden hand behind the effort is North Carolina millionaire Art Pope, a close ally of the Koch brothers, who funds the groups and has been appointed as North Carolina’s Budget Director.


NEWS & OBSERVER – NC Democrats seek footing on unfamiliar terrain
This time Jim Hunt will not be available to rescue the North Carolina Democratic Party.
It is a role that Hunt, the former four-term governor, has often played, bailing out Tar Heel Democrats when they hit troubled waters. He did it in the early 1970s and again in the early 1990s, restoring Democratic rule after Republican governors. But approaching his 75th birthday next month, Hunt has aged out of the political rescue business.

NEWS & OBSERVER – Chavis: Perdue one of NC’s greatest governors
The Rev. Ben Chavis, a member of the Wilmington 10, publicly thanked former Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue for pardoning the Wilmington 10.


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