NCDP Clips for April 22, 2013


WITN – Bill Calls For End To NC Runoff Elections
A group of Republican lawmakers want to get rid of the costly runoffs that usually draw less than 10 percent of North Carolina voters.
A House bill would allow the top-vote getter to win a party’s primary no matter what. Currently, a candidate needs at least 40 percent of the vote to win a primary outright. Otherwise, the top two candidates go to a runoff.

NEWS & OBSERVER – N.C. House coalition proposes independent redistricting, but Senate leaders likely to balk

Even as they debated a voter ID bill Wednesday, a bi-partisan group of lawmakers pushed a potentially farther-reaching change in how North Carolinians vote.
The unusual alliance – representing a majority of House members – touted a bill that would take redistricting out of their hands and give it to an independent commission.


CITIZEN-TIMES – General assembly leans hard on Asheville
Experts and politicians stop short of calling the 2013 General Assembly session a watershed event for Republicans — but it’s got potential as a history-maker.
Many bills have yet to transfer to the Senate, and a state budget won’t be forthcoming until next week, but already the House has left a major mark on state policies. Republicans control both chambers and the governor’s office.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER – N.C. bill would block school boards from suing county commissioners for more money
North Carolina’s 115 public school systems would lose the right to take their local board of county commissioners to court for more funding under a bill filed in the state Senate.


STAR NEWS – Film community rallies against bill that would undercut incentives
Neat black letters on white posterboard summed up the sentiments of film supporters gathered Saturday at Riverfront Park.


FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER – Abortion bills could drive wedge in North Carolina Republican Party
Abortion-rights advocates and political observers say a series of measures in the North Carolina General Assembly adding new restrictions for the procedure could set up the first test of wills between the GOP majority in the legislature and Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.

NEWS & OBSERVER- Nate Silver rates McCrory as one of nation’s most conservative guvs
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is among the nation’s more conservative Republican governors, according to Nate Silver, the political blogger and prognosticator for The New York Times.
In an article about the nation’s 30 Republican governors, Silver attempts to measure them on their conservatism – no easy task since they don’t have a voting record like members of Congress do. But Silver measures them based on public statements, the identity of their donors, and where applicable, their congressional voting record.


NEWS & OBSERVER – Christensen: Big-government conservatives ruling from Raleigh
I was sitting in a state House committee meeting the other day when the mayor of Sanford, a polite soft-spoken lady named Cornelia Olive, appeared hat in hand with a humble request.

THE DAILY TAR HEEL – The N.C. nonpartisan redistricting bill should be approved this session
If you’re fed up with the current version of the Republican-led N.C. General Assembly, there’s a glimmer of hope on the very distant horizon.


Clay Pittman
North Carolina Democratic Party
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