NCDP Clips for April 10, 2013

  • An Iredell Republican files a bill to roll back lobbying restrictions, while three NCGA members file a bill to protect large soft drinks. The NCGOP showing their priorities in you Wendesday morning clips:


WLOS – NC House schedules hearings on voter ID law
North Carolina House lawmakers have scheduled more hearings to discuss voter ID legislation before taking initial votes expected to come next week. The House Elections Committee will hold a discussion-only meeting with members Wednesday, followed by a public hearing later in the day. House leaders say they expect a committee vote next week and action before the full House by April 23.

NEWS & OBSERVER – McCrory says he backs GOP-written voter ID bill
Gov. Pat McCrory says he supports a voter ID law making its way through the General Assembly.
McCrory said Tuesday following a meeting with the Black Legislative Caucus that he plans to sign a bill requiring photo identification at the polls. The caucus has stood firmly against the bill, arguing it disenfranchises poor and minority voters who are more likely to lack photo ID.


WRAL – Bill filed to allow lobbyists’ gifts again
A veteran Republican state House lawmaker has filed a proposal to allow lobbyists to once again give unreported gifts to state lawmakers in North Carolina.
House Bill 640, filed by Iredell Republican Robert Brawley, would roll back many of the ethics reforms passed by state lawmakers in the wake of the Speaker Jim Black scandal of 2006.


WECT – NC House to roll out own education overhaul bill
North Carolina Republican senators are moving ahead with legislation that would end tenure for veteran public school teachers even as House members on both sides of the aisle plan to unveil their own proposed education reforms.


ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES – NC to protect the Big Gulp
Your Big Gulp will soon be safe in North Carolina if lawmakers get their way.
Three state House members have filed a bill called the Commonsense Consumption Act that would prevent cities from regulating the size of soft drinks.

WRAL – Asheville Water bill on House floor Wednesday
A bill that would take away Asheville’s authority over its water system and move it under a regional authority is scheduled for a House vote Wednesday after cruising through a House Finance meeting Tuesday morning.

House Bill 488, Regionalization of Public Utilities, never mentions Asheville. Instead, it says:


WRAL – House lawmakers file bills to push back against federal laws
A group of House lawmakers filed measures to push back against federal government rules they deem unconstitutional during a last-minute flurry of bill filings Tuesday.
Wednesday is the deadline for House members to file legislation that does not deal with tax or budget issues. Lawmakers filed 87 bills Tuesday.


WRAL – NC Equal Pay Act faces long odds
A bill that would ban North Carolina employers from paying workers differently based on gender looks unlikely to be heard this session.
Forty-two states have equal pay statutes on their books; North Carolina is one of the eight that don’t. The others are South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, New Mexico, Vermont and Wisconsin.


WASHINGTON POST – N.C. minorities remain worried after religion
A resolution to allow North Carolina to defy the Constitution and establish a state-sanctioned religion may be dead in the state capitol, but minority faiths say there’s more than enough reason to remain nervous.
Some worry about the implications the bill has for North Carolina, a majority Protestant state with growing Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist populations.


Clay Pittman
North Carolina Democratic Party
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