NCDP Clips for April 1, 2013

  • Governor McCrory’s decision to close NC’s Latino Affair’s office get’s national attention, US Senators play ‘Let’s make a deal’ on immigration reform, and an NCGA Republican tries to make it harder to get a divorce. Your April Fool’s Day Clips:


TALKING POINTS MEMO – NC Governor Pat McCrory (R) Eliminates Latino Outreach Office
The national GOP might be scaling up its minority outreach operation, but the same can’t be said of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R).
Amid rising tensions with the state’s Latino community over McRory’s opposition to providing ordinary drivers licenses to young illegal immigrants granted protection from deportation, the governor’s office announced it was closing its Office of Hispanic/Latino Affairs. The governor’s chief of staff told the Charlotte Observer that "we don’t segment our constituents by race or cultural background any more than we separate them by age or gender," but Latino leaders are upset, saying it demonstrates a lack of interest in their concerns.

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW – Republicans try (and fail) to appeal to Latinos


NBC NEWS – Senators: Immigration deal close, not complete
With the caveat that negotiators still need to review and agree on legislative language, two key Senate lawmakers said Sunday that a deal on a comprehensive immigration reform bill is close but not complete after a breakthrough in talks between business and labor groups this weekend.


SALON – North Carolina lawmaker wants to impose a two-year waiting period for divorce
Republican state Sen. Austin Allran wants to impose a two-year waiting period and mandatory marriage counseling for couples seeking a divorce in North Carolina. The “Healthy Marriage Act” would also force couples to attend a four-hour course on the impact of divorce on children.

NEWS & OBSERVER – GOP bill would make it harder to get divorced
A pair of Republican lawmakers want to make it harder to get a divorce in North Carolina by making estranged couples wait longer and go to counseling.
The Healthy Marriage Act would extend to two years the current one-year waiting period in order for a divorce to be finalized. During that time, the couple would have to complete courses on improving their communications skills and conflict resolution.


THE WASHINGTON POST – What kind of state is North Carolina? Democrats and GOP make high-stakes bets
Democrats and Republicans in North Carolina are in an ideological standoff, with future elections in the balance.
That explains why Kay Hagan, a Democratic senator facing a tough 2014 reelection race, endorsed same-sex marriage, and Republicans in control of the statehouse made moves to tighten voting restrictions – all in one week.

HUFFINGTON POST – Kay Hagan Gets Fundraising Boost After Backing Gay Marriage
Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) received a fundraising boost Thursday from the group LGBT Democrats of North Carolina following her endorsement of gay marriage a day earlier.
The group’s initial fundraising target of $1,000 for Hagan was surpassed in five hours, so the goal was raised to $2,500, Matt Comer of Q Notes reported. As of Thursday evening, the effort had pulled in $2,128.


Clay Pittman
North Carolina Democratic Party
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