NEWS & OBSERVER: UNDER THE DOME: McCrory: Across-the-board raises for teachers depends on Medicaid rolls

Gov. Pat McCrory, on a trip to Washington for the National Governors Association, said he wanted pay raises for all teachers, flexibility on Affordable Care Act and approval for seismic testing for oil and gas. McCrory, speaking in a hotel hallway after the governors left a private lunch meeting Saturday, said his goal is a raise for all North Carolina teachers, but added there were budget limitations.

NEWS & OBSERVER: UNDER THE DOME: McCrory: Move coal ash ponds away from rivers

WASHINGTON — Gov. Pat McCrory on Saturday said coal ash ponds for power plants should be moved farther away from rivers and streams in North Carolina, and the ash should be placed in lined facilities. “The immediate goal is to stop any existing leaks, clean up any ramifications from existing leaks and spills, and third, have a long-term solution and hopefully in most cases move these ponds or put a permanent cap on,” McCrory said, speaking during a break at a meeting of the National Governors Association.

NEWS & OBSERVER: CHRISTENSEN: The state Capitol’s first civil rights demonstration was 65 years ago

We have grown accustomed to seeing thousands of people descend on the state Capitol to protest the policies of the legislature. But it wasn’t always so. And when the Capitol was picketed for the first time 65 years ago, the effect was electric. On March 30, 1949, a majority of the students enrolled in the law school at what is now N.C. Central University – 15 of 23 students – picketed the Capitol, while the legislature met inside.

SHELBY STAR: Election 2014 | Few candidates on ballot so far in some key races

Some of the most influential leadership positions that impact Cleveland County have seen little competition during the first stages of filing for 2014 elections. For several county, state and federal positions, incumbents currently face no opposition, as of Friday reports from the Cleveland County and North Carolina boards of elections. For several other positions, incumbents themselves haven’t filed for office, according to the report.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: Gov. Pat McCrory on Reid’s

As a basketball official for 10 years, Charlotte’s mayor for 14 years, and now governor of North Carolina for one year, my family and I have had our share of being booed, yelled at, cussed and sadly even physically threatened. It’s the job that I signed up for and I couldn’t be more proud to serve the great state of North Carolina.

RELEASE: Goodwin Calls for Hearing on Homeowners Insurance Rate Request

RALEIGH — Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has ordered that a hearing be held in the matter of the insurance companies’ request to raise homeowners insurance rates, stating that the proposed rates appear to the Department of Insurance to be excessive and unfairly discriminatory. The insurance companies, represented by the North Carolina Rate Bureau, requested an overall statewide average increase of 25.3 percent for homeowners insurance rates, varying by geographic territory, on Jan. 3, 2014. The hearing is scheduled to begin on Aug. 6, 2014, at 10 a.m. at 430 N. Salisbury St. in Raleigh.

WILMINGTON STAR-NEWS: Barfield faces uphill battle in redrawn 7th District

Nine Democrats nationwide were elected in 2012 from congressional districts that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won, including U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre of Lumberton. McIntyre squeaked by former Republican state senator David Rouzer in 2012 running in a district that had been redrawn by state Republicans to favor a GOP candidate.

WILMINGTON STAR-NEWS: Congressional race taking tone of regional battle

U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., represents a dramatically different district today than the one he was first elected to in 1996. It’s been redrawn three times during his tenure in Congress – and the next representative of the 7th Congressional District could very well be a candidate from Raleigh’s suburbs. “For more than 100 years, the 7th Congressional District was based in Southeastern North Carolina, and regardless of party, the member of Congress from the 7th Congressional District always put Southeastern North Carolina first,” said Dave Heller, McIntyre’s campaign manager.


WASHINGTON POST: Obama seeks to defuse tensions among Democrats

President Obama is stepping up his efforts to coalesce and energize the Democratic base for the 2014 elections, backing off on issues where his positions might alienate the left, and more aggressively singling out Republicans as being responsible for the country’s problems. Voter turnout in midterm elections tends to be much lighter than it is in years when the country is picking a president, which means that it is crucial to maximize the enthusiasm of the party stalwarts who are most likely to show up at the polls.

N&O: Obama looks to governors for help with economy

WASHINGTON — His domestic priorities stalled in a divided Congress, President Barack Obama is looking for allies among America’s governors. The president plans to meet Monday with governors of both parties at the White House, following a Sunday dinner in which he told state leaders their cooperation "is vital to make sure we’re doing right by the American people."


LA CONEXION: Venezolanos en Texas y Carolina del Norte se manifestan en las calles

EFEUSA- Centenares de personas salieron a las calles de Katy, en Texas, y Charlotte, en Carolina del Norte, para protestar contra el Gobierno de Venezuela que encabeza el presidente Nicolás Maduro, y solicitar la intervención internacional con miras a resolver el conflicto que vive el país sudamericano. Tomados de las manos y entonando canciones, los venezolanos en Texas se unieron a la iniciativa "Un Mundo Sin Mordaza", que se lleva a cabo en 150 ciudades del mundo, para invocar a la comunidad internacional su apoyo con el fin de que se salvaguarden los derechos humanos en su país.

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