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APRIL 28, 2014


Thom Tillis goes on attack against Greg Brannon in mailer: Once focused solely on Democrat Kay Hagan, Republican Thom Tillis is shifting strategies and beginning to attack his primary GOP rival. A Tillis campaign mailer sent this week hit Greg Brannon for not paying his 2013 property taxes on time. “Senate candidate Greg Brannon has failed to pay his own taxes,” it reads next to a darkened image of Brannon. “How can he be a voice for North Carolina taxpayers?” Read more here.


Reality shows, pro wrestling may be cut from NC’s TV-film incentives program: Lawmakers will return to Raleigh May 14 to begin the year’s legislative session, and the film industry incentives program is expected to be among the most intensely debated issues. It cuts across political lines, with members from both parties supporting and opposing it. The incentives cost taxpayers $60.1 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013. The film industry says that money was crucial to creating thousands of jobs and luring at least $240 million in spending. The Department of Revenue is expected to issue a new report next this week on the cost of film incentives. The program is scheduled to “sunset,” or go away, at the end of this year, leading to an intense lobbying campaign by the film industry to keep it going. Read more here.


Women could be critical to key races, and both parties are going all out to get their votes: In the early going in races across the country, Democrats and Republicans alike are airing campaign ads that are all about women — how well they know them, how well they have treated or would treat them, whether they care about issues women care about, even if they are one. Read more here.

The GOP has a demographic problem, and it looks like it could get even worse: It’s no secret that Republicans have a demographic problem when it comes to national elections. But what many people don’t realize is that the GOP’s issues will be worse in 2020 than in 2016 — unless things change dramatically. Read more here.


Same-sex marriage throws spotlight on Orange County race: Even if he doesn’t win next month, Mark Chilton’s stand on same-sex marriage has gotten voters interested in the Orange County register of deeds race. If elected, Chilton said he will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, violating his oath to uphold state and federal laws. He could be charged with a misdemeanor and removed from office. Read more here.

Top Reasons Cited for Not Voting Too busy conflicting schedule 17.5 Illness or disability 14.9 Not interested 13.4 Did not like candidates or campaign issues 12.9 Other 11.3 Out of town 8.8 Don’t know 7 Registration problems 6 Inconvenient polling place 2.7 Transportation problems 2.6 Forgot 2.6 Bad weather 0.2

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Source: U.S Census Bureau : Voting and Registration

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