NCDP Clips 6/20 – Budget Roundup


3 a.m. budget cuts to education are restored in the final NC budget
N&O // Colin Campbell // June 20, 2017

Summary: “The state Senate’s early-morning cuts to education programs in Senate Democrats’ districts are history: All of the programs are funded in the final compromise budget.”

UNC law school’s budget is cut – but it could have been worse
N&O // Jane Stancill // June 20, 2017

Summary: “The negotiated state budget deal leaves UNC’s law school with a cut of $500,000 – smaller than an earlier $4 million proposed reduction.”

Governor’s School survives in NC budget
N&O // Matthew Adams // June 20, 2017

Summary: “The Governor’s School of North Carolina can expect to stay open for another summer of teaching gifted students.The program’s state funding had been threatened in the General Assembly. But a compromise budget released Monday contains the questioned money, all but ensuring that the program will live to see a 56th session in summer 2018.”

Budget deal would stop NC from prosecuting teens as adults
News & Record // Christina Sandidge // June 20, 2017

Summary: “North Carolina would no longer be the only state that automatically prosecutes 16- and 17-year-olds as adults under an agreement put in the state budget.The measure would shift those teens accused of misdemeanors and some felonies to the juvenile court system”

NCGA budget gives $2.6 million to crisis pregnancy centers
INDY Week // Erica Hellerstein // June 20, 2017

Summary: “While lawmakers are more than happy to talk about tax breaks and teacher salaries, one subject has gotten less attention: abortion. More specifically, two abortion-related budget decisions: funding for abortion providers and crisis pregnancy centers. Early budgets included provisions that would prohibit state funding for “any provider that performs abortions,” including hospitals. Others sought to funnel additional money to CPCs.”

  • “The prohibition on abortion providers ultimately got the ax, but budget writers did see fit to award $2.6 million over the next two fiscal years to Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, a nonprofit network for CPCs in the state. As Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship’s website makes clear, the organization is in the business of dissuading women from getting abortions. “

Tuition waiver for NC School of Science and Mathematics makes final draft of state budget
Herald Sun // Ray Gronberg // June 20, 2017

Summary: “After missing out in three earlier drafts of the state budget, a proposal to restore the tuition waiver that graduates of the N.C. School of Science and Mathematics used to get to attend one of the UNC system’s universities made it into the one that counts.”

Pols to voters – Don’t ask about budget, health care. We aren’t telling
WRAL // Editorial // June 20, 2017

Summary: “Disclosure of the proposed state budget in Raleigh and the U.S. Senate’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) have become akin to the revelation of the tablets from Mount Sinai.”:

  • “In North Carolina, most legislators and the rest of the public are given mere hours to make an even superficial examination of the budget bill. The conference committee bill and report were posted at 11:20 p.m. Monday.”
  • “These days the legislative leadership issues decrees and with a gerrymandered majority, imposes laws – at least until a court somewhere declares them unconstitutional.”

Gov. Cooper News

Cooper calls budget deal ‘irresponsible’
WRAL // Laura Leslie // June 20, 2017
Summary: “Gov. Roy Cooper says he’ll urge lawmakers of both parties to vote against the final budget compromise unveiled late Monday night. But he stopped short of promising to veto it.”

  • “The governor pointed out that, although the compromise spends $130 million more than either the House or the Senate plans, it actually spends less on teacher pay than either one originally did.”

Cooper slams NC budget deal, call it ‘most fiscally irresponsible’ he’s ever seen
WNCN // AP // June 20, 2017

Summary: “The state budget deal reached by Republicans at the North Carolina General Assembly contains much that lawmakers will support but plenty that could cause Democrats such as Gov. Roy Cooper to oppose the plan.”

  • “Cooper on Tuesday slammed the bill at a news conference, saying that this budget is “worse” than the previous one and it’s the “most fiscally irresponsible” budget he’s ever seen.”

Steep cuts to governor’s office in final budget
WRAL // Laura Leslie // June 20, 2017

Summary: “If Republican legislative leaders are sincerely hoping Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper will sign off on their spending plan, they have an odd way of trying to win him over.The final spending plan, unveiled just before midnight Monday, includes a major budget cut to the Governor’s Office. The $979,000 cut for each of the next two years would represent a 17 percent reduction in funding for staff and operations in Cooper’s administrative offices.

  • When asked about cuts to executive branch agencies Monday afternoon, before the budget document had been made public, House chief budget-writer Rep.
    Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, would only say, “There are economies in a number of these state agencies in this compromise.”


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