Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in Trouble

As most of us utilize Medicare and Social Security, some of us have to also utilize Medicaid. The GOP has these programs in their sight. Paul Ryan told a Denver radio talk show host is that they are going to tackle debt and the deficit. This is after the GOP led the biggest give away on the recent tax bill that passed along party lines. We know now that the President (who campaigned on not touching these programs) is letting the Paul Ryan and his running buddies in the Senate go after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.

Most of us have gone to the beach from time to time. Now the North Carolina and South Carolina Beaches are now going to be in the target sight of Oil Drilling. The tourist dollars that come in to North Carolina are significant. It is funny that Florida was taken off the drilling sights since they have a republican governor. I guess the SC governor was not up to muster.

Make no mistake; they are coming for the benefits we have paid in for years. If you had the chance to hear Nancy Altman (Social Security Works) at our 2017 convention you know that it is the best run program the federal government operates. Don’t stay home in 2018 or 2020, we need your vote to put Democrats in office and keep them in office.

Tom Rothrock, President
North Carolina Senior Democrats
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Save the date: Convention Time: May 18th and 19th. Charlotte, NC

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