Mecklenburg County Senior Democrats

Dear Fellow Dems,

Thanks to those of you who attended our meeting on yesterday. Not only was it an informative meeting, but also a fun meeting. I say informative because of our regular legislative report presented by our Legislative Chair, Ceretha Sherrill, and a motivational talk concerning Mecklenburg County given by our Senator, Joyce Waddell. We are fortunate to have these two ladies keep us abreast of what is going on in the Local, State and Federal legislatures.

Then, it was time for the fun – our annual auction. This year’s auction was by far the most supported of all in which I have participated. There were so many nice (as well as useful) items provided by you, the members. (Isabell we missed you and your bidding.) We might need to make this a semi-annual affair. lol.

We are missing some of our regulars, however. I am aware of several re-locations and some folks have had to take on some added responsibilities which precludes attendance. Because the 2016 elections are close upon us, it is imperative that we have the participation of everyone on the roll plus some. We must develop a sense of urgency regarding the task ahead. We cannot afford to let things remain as they currently exist. Therefore, I urge everyone to plan to hit the ground running January 1, 2016. There are people whom we need to re-elect to go back to Raleigh; some we need to send back from Raleigh (one in particular); some we need to send back from Washington; and one to move into the Oval Office when President Obama completes his term. We can do all of the above with everyone’s cooperation. Just save the dates; i.e., the second Friday of every month. Most importantly, remember that the Primary for this upcoming election cycle is early — MARCH instead of MAY. Lot’s to do and a short period of time in which to accomplish it. Let’s go Senior Dems!!!!!!