Directions and Map to NCSD 2017 Convention

Welcome to Salisbury!

Here are directions to the Holiday Inn Express and to the Livingstone Conference Center if you are traveling south on I-85.

Holiday Inn Express, 125 Marriott Circle (See dot on map at Exit 76)

  1. Take I-85 South to Exit 76
  2. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right on East Innes St. (you can’t turn left.)
  3. Get in the left-hand lane and go one block to Arlington Street.
  4. Make a U-turn on Arlington and go back down East Innes St.
  5. Make your first right into the parking lot for the Holiday Inn Express.

Livingstone College Conference Center, 530 Jake Alexander Blvd South (See dot at Exit 75)

  1. Turn right out of the Holiday Inn Express Parking lot (you can’t go left)
  2. Go 25’ and turn right for the ramp to I-85 South.
  3. Take I-85 South to Exit 75. (If you are not staying at the Holiday Inn Express, start here)
  4. At the top of the ramp, turn right onto Jake Alexander Blvd.
  5. Go about ½ mile. The Livingstone College Center on the right. It is our old Holiday Inn.
  6. Turn into the parking lot and enter the building at the main entrance.

Note: If you are coming north on I-85:

  1. For the Holiday Inn Express, get off at Exit 76 and follow directions from #3 above.
  2. For the Livingstone Conference Center, get off at Exit 75. At the top of the ramp, turn left. Go about ½ mile and the Center is on your right.