2018 NCSD Convention

North Carolina Senior Democrats

40th Annual Convention

Saturday, May 19, 2018 9:30 am

Pre-Registration: $50
$65 at the door
(registration fee includes Saturday Convention Luncheon)



For 13 years I visited South Florida in the course of my employment.  Yesterday and today all we heard about South Florida was the horrific events of yesterday and the aftermath of the event.  Parents send their kids to school and know that they will return in the evening reciting the events of their day over dinner with their parents.

This day will not be a good day for any student in that school.  Students, teachers, parents, and those first responders that were on the scene to assist and find the person responsible found the kids that were butchered with an AR15.

Enough is enough and this has happened several times in just this year.  It is only February 15, 2018.  How many more of our kids do we want to see butchered?  Schools are supposed to be a place that is safe.  We can’t allow this to go on.  It is interesting that you can’t bring a gun into the Senate or House of Representatives.  I would bet that you can’t bring guns into a state house (all 50 of them).  I wonder what our Senators say to themselves when they look in the mirror.    We all need to write our two Senators and congressmen and congresswomen to do something about this.  The NRA controls these folks and they do their bidding.  When is the next mass killing going to take place?  Connecticut has made strides to get their state corrected.  There is still progress to make there but we need to keep pushing. We are parents and grandparents and I don’t want to see an event in North Carolina.

Make the calls and write the letters and let our elected representatives know your feelings.

Tom Rothrock, President
North Carolina Senior Democrats


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